5 Reasons Why I am loving this week’s ‘Lists’ Group Writing Project – Reader Submissions Round 2

200608141910-1This week’s ‘Lists’ Group Writing Project is going off – below is another 86 submissions (bringing us to a total of 151 so far (with a couple of days to go). Here’s 5 reasons why I’m enjoying it so much:

  1. The variety of lists is amazing (where else would you see a list of Chuck Norris Facts sandwiched between a list on saving money by helping the environment and a list on how to manage time by mastering conversation stoppers?!?)
  2. The diversity of bloggers participating is wonderful (bloggers of all types, locations, both genders, different topics etc)
  3. Bloggers are Reporting big traffic (a number of bloggers have had their lists on the front page of delicious, digg, reddit and other major blogs)
  4. People are linking up (I’m seeing lots of interlinking as bloggers find other bloggers that they’d not seen before)
  5. I just love lists (there are some great reads in the list of submissions and I’m having a ball reading them all)

Each blogger who has submitted a post is in the running for one of five great prizes from Blake Schwendiman, The Web Directory, URLTrends, The Gold Pages Directory and Earners Forum (see below for full details of each of the five prizes).

Here are today’s 86 Submissions (the complete list of all submissions are being added here):

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AdSense Allow Search Results to Be Shown On Publisher’s Own Site

AdSense have now got an option with their Search feature to allow publishers to have search results shown on a page from their own site instead of them being taken offsite.

Full instruction son how to do it at – How do I implement Adsense for search results on my own page?

Multilingual Blogging

Darren Barefoot has an interesting question that I’ve been hearing a number of bloggers asking recently. It centers around bilingual blogs. He’s working with a company that has a bilingual site (English and French I suppose as it’s Canadian). Darren writes:

“They want to launch a blog, but it’s something of a pilot project and they don’t have the resources to launch it in both languages. There’s not only the cost and pain of translating the entries, but the dodgier issue of translating (or not translating) user-generated comments as well.

How should they deal with this issue? Launch blogs in both languages which run independent of one another? Or compromise their bilingual site, launch in English and hope there’s not a French-Canadian backlash? ”

Head over and give Darren your insight if you have any.

It’s a question that I’ve heard asked in numerous ways and from numerous bloggers recently. Blogging is a multi-lingual medium yet unless you either employ a translator/s or rely on a dodgy automated translating tool it’s very difficult to reach more than one language group at a time.

I’ve been approached on numerous occasions by people wanting to translate my content into other languages on their own blogs and have often wished I could have sections for different languages with some of my best posts here at ProBlogger. The only real way I could see this working would be on some type of revenue share basis where the translator took a share of whatever was earned from the content that they translated.

I know there are some bilingual bloggers out there (who are producing the same content in different languages) but from what I can tell it tends to either be a drawn out process, an expensive one or one with low quality results.

I’ve asked this before – but I’d be interested to see examples of blogs that are tackling the multilingual issue in creative ways.

Interview with the $222,718.36 Man – Lee Dodd

A couple of weeks ago I introduced readers to a new forum (a forum for people making money online). It’s headed up by a guy named Lee Dodd (who writes a blog called Forum Trends (sort of like ProBlogger for Forum owners). Lee recently posted a screen capture of his latest payment from YPN for a whopping $222,718.36 (that’s for three months). Obviously he knows a thing or two about making money from forums (something that I’ve heard time and time again is difficult).

I’m often asked about using forums alongside blogs and as I’ve never run one I thought Lee would be a good candidate to interview. I hope you find his answers to my questions helpful..

Darren – Thanks for agreeing to be interviewed Lee. For those ProBlogger readers who are unfamiliar with you could you gives us a brief introduction to who you are and what you do?

Lee – My name is Lee Dodd and I am live / work just outside of Dallas, TX. I have been in business online since the summer of 2000. I am 27 years old, married for almost 10 years, and the father of two beautiful girls (ages 4 and 6).

Darren – How did you get into making a living online?

Lee – It all began in 2000 when I got started with my telecom business. I decided to build my first website to use it as a lead gen source. I soon expanded to have a total of 3 sites generating leads for my salesmen to work with on the telephone. After I sold that company in

2004 along with another offline business in later that year, I began to dive more heavily in to content sites and forum building.

Darren – You seem to focus most of your energies on forums – why is that? What are the forums that you work on (have worked on previously). [Read more…]

Speedlinking – 16 August 2006

Just in case you need some more links to surf after my last post. Here’s what I saw today while surfing:

65 Distractions to Make Your Day More Interesting (or “Lists” Group Writing Project Reader Submissions – Part I)

200608141910-1Digg this post here

When I launched this week’s “Lists” Group Writing Project I suspected it would be a good one – but I didn’t realize that it would be quite as distracting for me as it has been.

I love lists and so when I awoke to close to 50+ submissions (there are now 65) in my inbox this morning I knew that the temptation to read them all would be great – it was too great…. and I’ve spent most of my day reading the wonderful array of lists that you’ll find below. As I’ve read I’ve bookmarked quite a few in delicious and digg and I have a feeling some will do well there.

Each blogger who has submitted a post is in the running for one of five great prizes from Blake Schwendiman, The Web Directory, URLTrends, The Gold Pages Directory and Earners Forum (see below for full details of each of the five prizes).

Before I share the first round of submissions (there’s still time to participate – you’ve got til Thursday) I wanted to answer four questions that I’ve been asked numerous times:

  • One entry is allowed per blogger (not per blog)
  • Yes you can use the image above if you wish
  • No you don’t have to link back to ProBlogger to be involved (but it would be appreciated to help spread the word about the project)
  • Posts should be new posts and not existing ones (as it says in the original invitation to submit) – I’ve allowed a few old ones in to this point but no more! :-)
  • To enter follow the procedure outlined in this post

Now – without further ado – let me share the first round of submissions with you. I hope you enjoy them as much as I have today! (the full list of submissions will be posted here.

Stay tuned for the next round of submissions from the next 24 hours this time tomorrow. Now here are the prizes on offer:
[Read more…] Announces Beta Update


It looks like the team at Google/Blogger have finally decided to update the ever popular but getting crusty blog platform. They announced a new Blogger Beta today which seems to go part way to answering some of the calls for updating that many Blogger bloggers have been calling for for years. New features include:

  • Categorize your posts with ‘labels’
  • Dynamic Serving (leading to faster publishing)
  • Control who can read your blog (private blogs) update – seems there are some bugs with this – don’t go publishing anything too private yet.
  • Change the appearance and content of your blog with your mouse instead of HTML (sort of like widgets)
  • New Dashboard
  • New Templates
  • User accounts will now be Google accounts instead of Blogger accounts
  • More Feed options (ie feeds for comments on your blog, feeds for comments on individual posts as well as RSS 2.0 and Atom 1.0)

While I haven’t seen any of this (it looks like my old blogger account isn’t one of those that has been allowed to join the new beta yet) it seems like a ‘nice’ update that brings a little more up to date – however when you compare what they’re offering in comparison to other platforms you’d still have to say that it’s pretty light on in terms of features.

Still – I guess this is a step in the right direction – although I’ve always been a little confused by how a company who is as innovative and progressive as Google can have a tool that was so far behind it’s competitors in a 50 million+ user game like blogging. Hopefully this is a sign of things to come.

Is anyone in the beta program? Feel free to give us a mini first impression review in comments below or link to where you’ve posted your review on your own blog.

AdSense Tells You How Stat Happy You Are

Who has spotted the change at AdSense when you login to check your stats?

It’s not a big one – but it could be helpful (especially for those of you who are constantly checking your stats and need a reminder to get a life…. I know who you are).


Yep – they’re now telling you how long it’s been since you last logged in.

b5media Seeking Business Bloggers

Just a quick announcement for those of you that are looking for an opportunity to blog as part of an established blog network – and get paid for doing it.

b5media is currently seeking business bloggers to join its new business channel.

We’re open to being pitched ideas for the channel but have a list of suggested topics that might get your juices flowing a little:

  • Giving Back & Community Involvement
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Recruiting/Interviewing
  • Venture Capital
  • Taxes
  • Small Business Advertising/Marketing
  • Word of Mouth Marketing
  • Press Releases & Business Writing
  • Law
  • Office space (Leasing, Real Estate, Scouting Property, etc.)
  • Web Hosting
  • Home Businesses
  • Freelancers (Business of, getting clients, etc.)
  • Business of Blogging/Blog Marketing

As Jeremy writes in his post calling for bloggers – we’re more than interested to hear your own ideas for business blogging topics also as it’s a large field with plenty of potential.

Jeremy’s written full details of who b5 is, how we operate, what we’re looking for and how to apply at b5’s home page.

Disclaimer – I’m one of the co-owners of b5 and is part of the network.