Chitika allow Embedding of ShopLinc via iFrames

Chitika have posted on their blog that their Shoplincs can now be embedded in iframes on your site (if you’ve been accepted into the program).

You can see their article on how to do it in their knowledge base.

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  1. katiebird says:

    My dream, to be popular enough for Chitika…..

  2. Ma2T says:

    I have a shoplinc account, yet to do much with it. I think I will give the iframe embedding a try.
    But first im going to read Darren’s review again :)

  3. Ma2T says:

    In fact I remember why I didn’t jump at it.

    Chitika do not have a category for HDTV’s, or TV’s in general. This is a big disappointment and surprise, as they have sections for more obscure products such as Flash memory and routers.

    Pain in the butt.

  4. Ma2T says:

    Sorry for the numerous comments.

    Darren I have a question for you mate.

    I just tested my shoplinc shop page. From the main page there are “ShopLinc Categories”, none of them relate to my blog or products, but other shoplincs.

    For example when I click on “Digital Cameras”. It goes to … you guessed it, your shoplinc, well kind of.

    Research from the expert posts are yours from your blog, but your photo and profile is not there.

    Now for my question, who gets the money? you or me?. I referred you, but the iinfo and shop category is yours.

    Any ideas?

  5. I would add under number 9 to try to find a friend to give you a mock interview, and have them not only ask you questions that you know will be asked but also let them ask random questions that they come up with and/or common interview questions like “Tell our audience a little about yourself”, etc.