Speedlinking – 23 August 2006

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  1. katiebird says:

    Great links — I got lost in More Minimal — I love that site. And I’ll be referring to the site redesign article when I get to work a little later. I’ve been needing to do something about our redirects and error pages and there explanation made perfect sense to me.

  2. katiebird says:

    I hate having a miss-spelled word sitting there for everyone to see. Please forgive me — I’ll get some coffee before I type another word.

  3. Retrospector says:

    Great timing on the links Darren. I’ve been going through brainstorming sessions each night for about a week to come up with a site layout I really like for a re-design. The More Minimal links helped point out that I like my simple layouts better than I’d expected, which happens to be the exact opposite of the busy news-journal-like layout with busy sides that I chose to start my blog with.

    @katiebird: I must still need coffee too, because I didn’t even notice your typo until you pointed it out. :)


  1. […] had some great links to articles from a blog called More Minimal.  The articles were entitled making your blog more readable and minimalism in blogging.  I was nodding my head as I read them.  A few days later I was having a discussion over drinks with my co-conspirators on the design of Beats Entropy and the subject of minimalism and reducing clutter came up again. […]