How to Set Up WordPress – Step by Step Video Tutorial

Rachel’s posted a great video titled WordPress Quickstart Screencast Tutorial which is well worth looking at if you’re at the start of your WordPress journey. She covers:

1. Installing a free FTP program and connecting to your website
2. Creating a database for WordPress.
3. Installing WordPress.
4. Configuring WordPress settings.
5. Setting up permalinks.
6. Writing and editing a post.
7. Uploading images.
8. Creating a blog roll (list of links).
9. Setting up an about page.
10. Installing a plugin.
11. Setting up a contact page with a contact form.

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  1. Martin says:

    Very nicely done. It’s a bit large in file size – maybe it could have been broken into smaller pieces.

    Got to love that Kiwi accept :-)

    I can quite easily see a range of eProducts in this line: Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced Screencasts. Obviously needs to be a little more polished and fine-tuned but Rachel’s does a good job of what can be done.

  2. Brian Clark says:

    Wow. Didn’t Rachel originally do that back in January?

  3. buck says:

    Exactly what I’ve been looking for. I understand HTML coding, photoshop, Dreamweaver, pagemaker, etc, etc, but I’m a full-timer, 9-to-5’r, so I don’t have enought time to browse around the WordPress help pages. This is the cut-to-the-chase stuff I needed.

    Many thanks

  4. WangInternet says:

    Yea, I agree that the file is large. Couldn’t really get it to load up, maybe due to lotsa traffic hitting the site.

    I just installed Camtasia and was about to create a step by step video just like this till I saw this post. Now there’s a reason not to start another one.

    For those just starting on wordpress and needs a place to host WordPress at no cost, you can check out No worries, I’m not making a cut by introducing the web hosting. Just that I’m a beginner in WordPress blogging thus hosting the site at no cost. While it’s still free, you can test out things like uploading WordPress files, configuring, etc.

    My awardspace review –

  5. Razib Ahmed says:

    Thanks a lot Darren. My net is very slow and I could not enjoy the file fully. However, from the few minutes I could watch it, I realized that it is a very useful video for bloggers.

  6. Brian Clark says:

    My bad, this is new. Now we get to hear Rachel’s voice, which is always a treat for we non-Aussies! :)

  7. Darren Rowse says:

    Actually Rachel’s a New Zealander – subtle difference in the accent (different pronounciation of vowels mainly between Kiwis and us).

  8. Regan says:

    ROFL! Thanks for the clarification Darren that Rachel is in fact a Kiwi! :D

  9. Darren Rowse says:

    NP Regan.

    Notice that I didn’t do it with any Kiwi Accent jokes! I was very impressed with my maturity :-)

  10. Terry Zulit says:

    Here are some more I put on Google Video:

    Between the two sets we have it covered I think.


  11. Brian says:

    Set my new tech blog up nice a simple following this.

    Nice one

  12. Billy says:

    Hi Darren,

    Very easy tutorial to follow, thanks for sharing.


  13. wayne archer says:

    When I clicked on the link, “WordPress Quickstart Screencast Tutorial,” I got taken to a screen that said, “Sorry, no posts matched your criteria”! … so it looks as if that video is no longer available. Too bad.

  14. Gretcjem says:
  15. Alan Neath says:

    Starting a wordpress blog does sound a bit frightening, at girst and can be a real struggle but there are lots of resources and help out there, in fact it is even possible to get the blog set up completely for you.

    A wordpress blog is an excellent way to test your business idea and even better still, by the very nature of its interaction with visitors, you will soon discover what to focus on and plan how to align your business idea with what your audience actually wants, which of course means more success for your ideas and even a real business opportunity.

    Great help and advice here and as it happens, a good example of what is possible anyone to achieve.

  16. Clive says:

    Breaking the process down into digestible chunks is what works. The first time I investigated upgrading my first wordpress blog to the next WP release I completely freaked at all the tech. stuff involved.

    I think many peoples brains just ‘switch off’ when they see the letters MySQL :-)


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