A little weekend fun….

What do you think of the likeness?

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  1. Greg Kiernan says:

    Only your mother could tell you apart! ;-)

  2. Kitarist says:

    ahahah nice :D :D

  3. Ram says:

    Can i shoot at the bull’s eye!
    Bang! Bang!

  4. Shelley says:

    High marks: general friendliness, nose, eyebrows, soul patch

    Not so much: that mouth is WAY too wide! And flared jeans? Really?

  5. Charl Norman says:

    Where the ProBlogger TShirt? heh

    Looks great

  6. Haha, nice likeness… somehow i can’t imagine you in an office though?

  7. Jason Clegg says:

    I agree: the office setting isn’t quite right. I also picture you seated, of course. :)

  8. Spencer Fry says:

    Ha! That’s pretty funny!

  9. Steven says:

    I thought it was Shoemoney at first glance. Sorry.

  10. Ron Wilson says:

    Looks just like you!

  11. Google says:

    This is nice man!

  12. Chris Howard says:

    geez, Darren!! You’ve just killed all productivity in the blogging world for the next day! :D

    Does look like you too.

  13. This is cool… I just made mine. Wow, do I really look like a hippie? On another note, I think we should declare a weird posting holiday for bloggers. Just one day per year that we can post something bogus and totally off the deep end and get away with it. Or do it twice at the first days of winter and summer….

  14. Matt Glover says:

    Not enough bags under the eyes for a new Dad…

  15. Andy Merrett says:

    Looks good.

    I tried Meez out but it just kept hanging and was very unresponsive. Did you have problems with it to start with? I couldn’t even get my “Meez” to hold on to any hair!

  16. Darren Rowse says:

    no problems with it here Andy. Perhaps its the time of day and how many others are accessing it (the beauty of being in Aus and being online when no one else is awake)

  17. kittyku says:

    The site doesn’t even support Firefox for Mac OS X, blah.

  18. Andy Merrett says:

    Yeah that’s what I found kittyku (which surprised me, it’s usually Safari that isn’t supported). Sometimes when a site doesn’t work as expected in Safari I use Firefox, so I was a little scuppered. I might try it again later.

  19. Craig Cmehil says:

    Well it’s 22:39 on a Friday evening here in Germany and I am done – my inbox both private and work are emtpy, my list of blogs to read and sites to visit are done so I think it’s time to sit back and relax a bit.One of the …

  20. wow gold says:

    no problems with it here Andy. Perhaps its the time of day and how many others are accessing it (the beauty of being in Aus and being online when no one else is awake)


  1. […] Virtuelle Identitäten sind schon etwas Feines. Und so probierte ich letzten August neugierig (Java erforderlich, kein Opera) aus, mit dem man seinen eigenen “Meez” (ein 3D-Selbstbild) erzeugen kann. Gefunden hatte ich es unter und vergessen habe ich es ungefähr 3 Sekunden später – bis ich eben bei Mike unter erneut an meine Bemühungen erinnert wurde. […]