Secrets of eMoms Blogging Success

I just found out that I missed one link in the group writing project that for some reason didn’t make it to my inbox despite it’s blogger sending it to me multiple times. Sorry to Wendy from eMoms at Home for that.

As I looked over the post I realized that it was quite a good one for Problogger anyway so I thought I’d highlight it in a post of its own as it’s worth a read.

It’s called Unsuspecting Secrets to Fast Blogging Success. Wendy’s tips include thoughts on:

  • Search your Soul Before You Start
  • Let the Real You Shine Through
  • Study the Success Stories
  • Add Value in Every Post – Well, Almost Every Post
  • Network Like Crazy
  • Be Passionate about Your Chosen Topic
  • Trust Your Intuition and Your Instincts. Be True to them
  • Do your Homework about blog set up, SEO and site design
  • Be Disciplined
  • Blog with a Higher Purpose in Mind

It’s a great list and she has some good stuff to say in each point.

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  1. Darren! You rock! This was worth missing out on the Dell PC :).

    And here’s the super-ironic twist to this post. Want to know how I found out about it? From a rogue blog who is plagiarizing your content. How timely indeed from your post yesterday on Stealing Other People’s Content.

    I guess, to look at the bright side of things, it’s a problem I hope to share with you soon. :)

  2. Rex says:

    Thanks for the link and the list! I need to get my wife reading that.

  3. Darren, I like your blog a lot and read it regularly. There is one thing that I find distracting about it though – you tend to write “it’s” when you mean “its” If you’re interested in correcting this, here’s my handy dandy tip for knowing when to use the apostrophe: “it’s” is a contraction for “it is”, so try saying your sentence with “it is” in it. If it sounds goofy, then you know to leave out the apostrophe.

    For example, in the post above try reading it as “so I thought I’d highlight it in a post of IT IS own as IT IS worth a read” and it becomes clear that the first should be “its” and the second is fine as “it’s”.

  4. Wow, I really feel self concious about my readers now! Sometimes my punctuation is on the immature side, too. It’s ok Darren, we still like ya. I guess with a higher reader base you must get called on things like that all the time.

    Wendy’s tips are great. It’s really true that you will go nowhere in life if you are not passionate about what you do (either that or you will get no pleasure out of it). And, what’s life with no pleasure?

  5. Blogger says:

    If secret why we want to know

  6. Brian Clark says:

    Barbara, that was a very thoughtful way to correct someone… which is a tough thing to do in any situation. As nice a guy as Darren is, I’m sure he appreciated your approach.

    All I want to say is that I use that exact same process to this day to make sure I don’t mess up on apostrophes. It’s a great rule of thumb that’s worth its weight in gold. :)

  7. Darren Rowse says:

    My punctuation is pretty poor – sorry. I do know rules like this but my fingers tend to operate a couple of seconds faster than my brain some days! :-)

    thanks Barbara

  8. Darren, I’d much rather have all your great posts than perfect punctuation anyday. Keep ’em coming!

  9. Teresa says:

    Great! I can use this for my own blogging. Tell you the truth, if you have kids, you never run out of material to write about…even if it is a simple S.O.S. :D

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  11. wow gold says:

    One of the few guys actually making money from this blogging thing had a bad feeling about the new GooglePages AdSense. I can’t say as I’m in the same camp, considering how ridiculously difficult it is to even get GooglePages to work….

  12. Barbara, that was a very thoughtful way to correct someone… which is a tough thing to do in any situation. As nice a guy as Darren is, I’m sure he appreciated your approach.


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