Essential Books for Bloggers – Version II

As submission to this week’s Writing Project I’ve just updated a list that I first posted a few days ago – my Essential Books for Bloggers list.

The list is now categorized and has the additional books that readers have submitted. There are a total of 65 books in the list. I’ve not read them all but respect those that suggested them and have just ordered a few of the newer ones to me.

I hope you find the list of books for bloggers helpful.

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  1. This is fantastic.. thank you!

  2. Hey Darren!
    Thanks a lot for the list of books.
    I was wondering if there was a specific order or a couple of books that a novice blooger like myself should read first?

    I would obviously like to learn as quickly and efficiently as possible, so any suggestions on where to start would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you in advance.

  3. I’ve found that with all the reading I do on the Blogosphere I don’t have as much time for book reading. Who knows. Perhaps Blogs are the future of books!

    – Bryan

  4. Nice list, but all payed books

    One for free, is

    “Getting started with Blogging and Google Adsense”
    by Joel Comm

    Long live adsense, make me rich …

    Man`s best friend

  5. sriram says:

    you book is excellent i have buyed your book its coll amazing book