WordCamp Kicks Off

I’d love to be heading to WordCamp this weekend but due to the quick way it was organized and the fact that V would rip my head off if I even raised the idea of leaving the country a month after our little one was born I wasn’t able to get there.

The schedule looks pretty interesting with a good range of topics under discussion including one on Monetizing your Blog by Yobie Benjamin and Pat McCarthy (two guys I’m not sure I’ve come across before but who I’ve added to my ever growing RSS watch list).

Pat has written a post in the lead up to the session called 10 Ways to Monetize Your Blog which is a good introduction to the basics and similar to my own post on How Bloggers Make Money from Blogs.

I’m looking forward to reading about this and other WordCamp sessions. Let me know in comments if you’re there and if you’re live blogging the camp.

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  1. Elby says:

    Darren I would say that that post of Pat’s is a lot more than ‘similar’ to yours. When I read it half an hour ago before reading your post I immediately thought of your post. Coincidence? I’m not convinced.

    It looks to me like it’s in almost the same structure and even a similar order. I found it a little strange and wondered whether he had used your article as a base for his and was surprised that he didn’t at least link to you as someone writing on the topic that they are presenting on.

  2. Darren Rowse says:

    Elby – I don’t know Pat but I wouldn’t have thought anyone would have needed to read my post to come up with what he wrote. It’s a good basic list of things that I’m sure many people have written about.

    I appreciate your concern and for looking out for me though but I’m sure Pat’s written this out of his own experience on the topic of making money from blogs.

  3. David Krug says:

    Definetly there, Definetly liveblogging as much as I can. You can follow my notes online at

    That would have been cool had you come. Maybe next year. Hope all is well with Baby ProBlogger

  4. Scott Howard says:

    This is the first I have heard of WordCamp but would love to go. Unfortunately this is not a good time for me to pickup and go anywhere since I just got married. But I hope that it is a great time for all who can attend and I would love to hear from some bloggers that had a chance to go.

  5. Pat McCarthy says:

    Darren, thanks for the mention. I’m about to start speaking in an hour, and you’re missing out on a good Wordcamp.

    Elby, I actually wrote that post last night straight out of my own experiences with blogging and working for a company that works with bloggers and web site publishers.

    I do read Problogger when I can and I’m a big fan of Darren’s, but I didn’t intend to copy his post. I probably read it in December, but I wrote mine late last night in a rush to prepare myself for my discussion at Wordcamp. Those were the top 10 things on my mind.

    I’ll add a link to Darren’s post in mine, it’s good stuff. Time to go speak.

  6. Darren Rowse says:

    Hope it went well Pat – would love to hear more about what people came up with in the session!

  7. I was presenting at the same time Pat was so I missed the session. Sorry, Pat!

  8. David Krug says:

    It was a great session. You can catch my notes over on The Blog Herald. I didn’t do Pat justice but he did an awesome job. Thanks again Pat had a great time yaking with you about some of these things.

    I would love to snag an invite to your system btw.

    David Krug (liveblogging wordcamp)


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