Cartoon Blogger Sells His Wares

Andrertoons Cartoon Blog shows us another way of monetizing a blog – by selling cartoons. See Mark’s post on it here.

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  1. Matt Glover says:

    I think Mark is actually selling the toons from his web site rather than the blog itself. I’m not sure if it would be possible to set up the javascript stuff he uses in a blog post.

    Does anybody know?

    Having said that, this is the best cartoonist’s web site I have seen (I’ve seen plenty!) and the e-commerce set up is pure genius in my book. The hardest part about this sort of thing is the copyright problems associated with ownership etc, but he seems to have it covered as well as you possibly can.

    Thanks for pointing it out!

  2. Darren Rowse says:

    yeah you’re right – I guess what I suspect he’s doing though is driving traffic to his site from his blog… kind of an indirect income from the blog.

    Thought this one might be of interest to you Matt ;-)

  3. Excellent example of how you can make money from blogging. Since he made it so easy for his customers to order, they’ll do so in great numbers I’m sure.

    Good work!

  4. Dave Walker says:

    There’s a few examples of cartoonists doing interesting things with blogs. Mark’s site is superb and given the money and/or expertise to develop something similar I’d love to do so. In the meantime I operate an ‘honesty box’ system for my religious cartoons and give some of my more general ones away for bloggers to repost for free on their sites. Hugh at gapingvoid is doing something not unrelated – but then his approach is to use blogging to make thing happen elsewhere.

  5. Bif says:

    I also like the extra functionality he has in his cartoon feeds. Encourages people to look deeper into his archives.