Sexy AdSense Ads

One of the side effects of staring at blogs with ads on them all day is that I generally don’t see them any more.

But yesterday I spotted some AdSense ads on a number of sites that definately got my attention.

There’s a screen capture of one of the ads below:


There were other version on the sites that rotated through with each page impression – in each case there was an image behind the AdSense ads that made it look like the person in the image was holding the ads. Some were provocative like this one (I’m sure naked women holding ads get more attention than most) others were not.

I’ve seen similar tactics before and on each occassion they didn’t last long before AdSense either banned the site from the program or before the images around the ads just ‘disappeared’ (probably at the request of AdSense).

Today I went back to the site and they were gone – I suspect someone from AdSense had a quiet word in the publisher’s ear.

Violating the AdSense rules like this is not worth the risk. In doing so you jeopardise your potential earnings with AdSense which in the long term could be very costly.

If in doubt about what you can and can’t do with AdSense ads – simply email them and ask.

How much Traffic does Being Ranked 1 on Google Bring?

Ever wonder how much traffic the top keyword position on Google can bring in on a keyword?

Chris Smith sheds a little light on the topic and gives an example of one site he was working on that had a very popular term (which he calls ‘term X’ that fell from 1st to 2nd place for a few days:

‘I can tell you that our site receives approximately 30k of visits on average per day from Google, just from keyword searches for Term X. There’s typically one or two Sponsored Links just above us on the SERP, and a few Sponsored Links on the right side column, too.

When we dropped to second slot on the SERP for Term X, we lost approx 18k of visits per day. So, there it is: the difference between the number one slot and the number two slot for a major keyword term comes to about a 60% change in visits!’

He then finds terms that have similar levels of searches on Google Analytics to his ‘term X’ to show what other types of terms would be getting 30,000 or so visits a day from Google.

Now I’m not sure how accurate all his analysis is but it does show the power of being well ranked for popular terms can be!

Scoopt Words – Interview with Graham Holliday

Scoopt Words Logo-1
A few weeks ago I started getting emails from readers telling me about a new way of making money from blogs that they’d come across by the name of Scoopt Words.

I’ll be honest and say that the emails came at a busy time for me and I didn’t give it enough attention and follow up what it was all about but the emails have persisted (to a point where I get one a day now) and I thought I should take a little more of a look at it.

Scoopt Words is a service that takes a middle man approach between bloggers and editors of publications and which will negotiate the sale of your blogging content for you. The concept is pretty simple really and on many levels makes a lot of sense to me – so I decided to approach them for an interview which they were kind enough to grant me.

What follows is an interview with the head of Scoopt Words, Graham Holliday. Graham has been gracious enough to not only answer my questions but is willing to take some of yours also over the next day or two. If you have any – simply ask them in the comments section below and he’ll stop by and answer as many as he can.

Thanks for your time Graham – Can you tell us a little about Scoopt and what you’ve been doing since you started?
Scoopt launched in July 2005 and was the first citizen journalism photo agency. It has since sold photos to newspapers and magazines all over the world. ScooptWords is in beta, as they say, and launched around 2 weeks ago.

What is Scoopt Words and why did you start it?
At the moment, ScooptWords is simply a payment mechanism for bloggers who want to sell content and editors who want to buy it. We will soon aggregate the best blogs and blog content available under our commercial license. We will then push this content, and the bloggers, to editors who are interested in buying.

We started ScooptWords for a number of reasons. Firstly, there’s a lot of good blog content out there and some of it could walk into magazines, trade publications and newspapers. Secondly, there’s no obvious route to market for the blogger beyond an approach from an editor. Thirdly, your average blogger may not always understand copyright, contracts and what words are worth in cash in different publications.

From my own experience of blogging at I have seen my work stolen, copied and plagiarised on a number of occasions for no payment. I know I’m not alone. However, I have also been commissioned by several editors to write pieces specifically because of my blog, further strengthening our belief that there is a market for quality, commercially licensed blog content.

Lastly, we also believe that all journalists will become bloggers before too long and some bloggers will become journalists. Some will also need a route to market and a trustworthy payment mechanism. We hope they’ll chose ScooptWords.

Why should a blogger let Scoopt sell their content?
Because we’re completely transparent and because, with Scoopt and now ScooptWords, we’re working hard to revolutionise and democratise the media. And because we’re a proper media organisation run by journalists and editors, not just a dotcom dabbling with user-generated content.

What type of publications have been buying this content?

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Speedlinking – 20 June 2006

How to Install WordPress

David at Blogging Pro has a useful post for those wanting to switch to WordPress but who are daunted by the process. His post is My WordPress Install Process.

Similarly Rachel has a screencast of her install process – which was so simple that even I could do it!

Of course then there is the official Installing WordPress Guide

Screwy Bloglines/Feedburner Results?

Is anyone else seeing ALOT of old posts coming up in their Bloglines account as new posts today?

I know this happens from time to time on an occasional basis but today it seems that every second unread item in my Bloglines account is one that I’ve read before. Some have dates on them from weeks ago while others have todays date on them despite them being written a week or so back.

I’m not sure whether it’s just on Feedburner feeds but it could be as every feed that I’ve seen it happening on so far is a FB one. Very odd and increasingly frustrating for this blogger who relies on news aggregation accuracy pretty heavily.

update: thanks to those who’ve commented below pointing out that this isn’t a Bloglines problem but a feedburner one. Detail below on discussion on it.

This messup has highlighted a couple of things for me:

1. Just how many bloggers are using Feedburner (I’d estimate that of the 600 feeds I’m following that one in six would be having the problems).

2. It’s made me aware of just how many blogs have not been updated in quite a while. I have a lot of feeds in my list that havn’t been posted to for weeks, months and even a few that have not been posted to in a year. It might be time for an RSS spring clean.

AdSense Survey Questions – Have your Say Here

A number of readers have emailed me parts (or and all) of the AdSense survey that some publishers were sent over the weekend. Here are a couple of the more interesting questions that they asked. I’m not sure how serious they are about all of these things but they must shed a little light on some of what AdSense are considering:

How interested would you be in the following capabilities if they were offered within Google AdSense?

  • Selecting the types of advertisers that appear on your site
  • Managing other publishers’ AdSense accounts for them
  • Selecting ad categories to appear on your site
  • Gathering information about your visitors
  • Applying AdSense earnings towards AdWords marketing
  • Specifying your own ad formats and sizes
  • Paying for phone support

Site targeting is a feature that enables AdWords advertisers to list specific sites on which they’d like to advertise. Which (if any) of the following new features would most increase your satisfaction with site targeting – being able to:

  • Choose which advertisers can appear on your site
  • Allow advertisers to see how their ads perform specifically on your site
  • Give advertisers more information about your site
  • Offer your website inventory at a more granular level than domain
  • Set a minimum CPM for ads on your site

How would you answer these questions?

How to Increase a Blog’s Page Views

There is often a lot of talk in ‘how to blog’ type articles on increasing visitors numbers to a blog there is another statistic that is important to some bloggers also – page views.

Most statistics packages measure both for you – ‘visitors’ (or unique visitors) measures the number of people, but ‘page views’ measures the number of pages on your blog that those visitors look at.

The number of page views per visitor varies quite significantly from blog to blog (based on many factors) but there are a number of reasons why bloggers might wish to increase this statistic including:

  • Stickiness – the more pages a reader views the increased chance of them coming back are.
  • Revenue – more and more of the ads that we are running on your blogs are impression based ads (ie the more times the ads are seen the more that is earned).

Whether you want to increase page views or not is something that different bloggers will place as a different priority, depending upon the goals of their blog, but if it is something you’d like to work on here are 14 tips on how to increase page views:

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b5media launches 4 ‘CoBranded’ Blogs

I don’t generally post every announcement that we make over at b5media but this is one that I think fits with the ProBlogger focus of bloggers finding new ways to build commercial blogs.

Today we’re announcing four new cobranded blogs with VIP Fan Clubs – the official fan club and merchandise sales partner for Fox Broadcasting.

The four blogs are:

The interactions between b5media and VIP will be two way as one promotes the other in terms of traffic and will involve the sharing of stories and revenue streams.

Read the full story at the b5media blog.