Google Page Rank Update Rolling Out

It looks like Google is rolling out a page rank update if the discussions in forums are anything to go by.

Here are a couple of the discussion threads:

What is Page Rank and what does it mean (if anything?) Check out this post I wrote as an introduction to Google Page Rank.

Remember these updates take a day or three to roll out but there are tools around for checking future page rank like this one.

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  1. Oh yes, they updated. I noticed a couple of days ago when one of my sites’ traffic levels suddenly dropped to one-fifth of its previous level. This is not good, since that site is responsible for about a third of my AdSense income!

  2. blogalore says:

    I noticed that some of my sites got de-indexed to quite a large extent. I guess this got something to do with googles recent update. I hope they’ll be back soon. As for pagerank: No changes for me…yet

  3. Look’s like a strange, partial update so far. Or maybe it hasn’t rolled out all the way. Either way, I’m not seeing much.

  4. Darren Rowse says:

    its very early days Darren – give it a couple of days.

    Established sites won’t change much of course so many won’t notice anything different.

  5. The page rank update isn’t related to the drop in traffic. Check out:

    Which talks about the traffic changes on 6/27.

  6. Nothing happening across my network yet.

  7. drmike says:

    Nothing on my sites either. :(

  8. With Matt Cutts back on Wednesday, I think next weekend is the more likely for a full update. There’s nothing showing even on the Future PageRank tool, and that usually goes haywire during an update. Our Adsense revenues have more than doubled in the past couple of weeks, though, signalling that Google is already using the new PRs under the radar.

  9. Ma2T says:

    Not seeing anything on the toolbar or the future PageRank tool yet either.

    Although Darren, my sitemaps account, under crawl stats is showing some low and medium ranks now, and this is a new site with no pagerank yet.

  10. Can anyone anwser a question regarding the PR calculation and outbound links.
    If the PR calc looks at the ratio of inward and outbound links then adding Google Adsence Ads on your site couold potentally kill off your PR. Therefore reduce traffic and ultimately destroy any Adsence revence, nobody wins.

    Just a crazy though….

  11. Nothing change on my site. Traffic still increase slowly

  12. says:

    I’m not sure how it all works either as I have removed several pages from this new website but when I do a search the PR still shows up and the new pages are greyed out.

  13. kevin says:

    Hi there,
    when is the next date of google dance or google update page rank?


  14. I thought this post was new. lol.
    Do you know when is the next PR update? In 2007?

  15. Darren Rowse says:

    no – they do it every few months but it’s pretty random and never the same amount of time between updates.

  16. Redhat101 says:

    I agree with darren, it might be at Fab ,May ,August , November in 2007.

  17. still no update for me. I hope this is normal

  18. Wesley Palm says:

    Also still not seeing any change for my sites on any of the Google servers

  19. Raj says:

    I am waiting for my one.. I can see 100 external links so there should be rank for my site.

  20. the dog says:

    I think everyone should just give up on Google page rank.

    They are too far between too mean anything.

    Now, if it happened every day, it would actually mean something.

    Google PR is as useless as an Alexa rank.

  21. Bishan says:


    I have a site_map.htm page on my site which contains links to all of the pages on my site. google has indexed the page successfully but when I look at the cached page it is months out of date. google states that the page is a snapshot from a crawl on December 27th 2005 but this cannot be the case as the version shown is months old. i.e. I have updated the site map with several new pages but they aren’t appearing on the cached version.

    Any ideas on what the problem is?


  22. ace007 says:

    The Google seems to be unpredictable whenever they used to change its algo… everything is affected by through positive or negative… Google is really wise…. – Panama Best Resource.

  23. Arif says:

    Updated at last.
    Just seen my website ranked for first time.

  24. After a long wait Google finally started updating their page rank.

  25. Aaron says:

    Is’nt Google right now updating websites? Several of my blogs have page rank . Even one that I’m forgetting about until I get to them!!

  26. The whole page rank think is just very confusing – do exchanged links now hurt you in pr?

  27. Updates are happening at longer and longer intervals. Back in 2003, we had monthly updates, then Google turned to updating only 4 times per year, now perhaps 2-3 times per year.

    I think the PR will soon be defunct.
    We’re loosing time swapping and buying links.

    I obtained several very good links on sites listed in Dmoz and other directories. Highly relevant sites, very good links.
    And Google didn’t even see those backlinks. Been waiting for 2 years+ now and I don’t think the old G will ever see them.

    I think Google is working on a completely new engine that will determine site quality.

    I think form now on relevancy will have a higher importance, so it seems is increasingly important to have a large number of new links.

  28. yinka says:

    How often does google update its ranking, my site just went down to a page rank 3

  29. sriki says:

    I want to know how often the page rank is updated by google?

    my site is one month old got a PR of 2

  30. I’d like to ask when google will update the page rank? and How often?

    My blog is pr 2 now.

  31. Michele says:

    The last Google page rank update I believe was late October of 2007. I would like to assume that they do a PR update every 3 to 5 months. However I do not have enough data to support that to be solid just yet. I am expecting a Google PR update soon.

  32. k.s.reddy says:

    My site is nearly 16 months old. Still my pagerank is 2. Has Google finished 2008 1st quarter PR update?

    Can anybody give me suggestions regarding my pagerank improvements?

  33. Chimay says:

    The last Google pagerank update ie. the first pagerank update for 2008 was done 10-12 of january 2008.

  34. Roolz Salxs says:

    My Pagerank updates was done once every two to three months. I guess the next update date will be on April 2008. But PR matter is really not a big deal these days…

  35. BuzzScripts says:

    I am eagerly waiting for the next PR update .
    I hope its somewhere in April :) .
    My site has no PR currently.

  36. junior says:

    does anyone have idea when the next page rank will be update?

  37. I am also waiting for next PR update.

  38. Enfotainer says:

    Hi Darren.

    How can we predict that google is updating page ranks? I’d heard though that this year’s Q2 PR update is going to be on July 31st. Is it true? Or has anyone already felt the changes in PR?


  39. I doubt anyone can say when the next Google page rank will take place. I think this is a toy that everyone (likes it or not) play with it. One fact is clear. After the most recent page rank update back in April 2008, I haven’t experienced and change in traffic although the page rank of my sites changed.

  40. Mark Sanders says:

    It’s a day away from August so we must be getting closer to an update. Although increased doesn’t mean your going to get any more traffic, I think people just like the idea of having some way to publicly show how important their site is. It takes a lot of work to build a good site so it’s only natural to want to be able to measure your efforts. Comparing PR to cars, people love to show off their BMW or Mercedes in the driveway.


  41. bishan says:

    Some one said me that the Google PR is algorithmic and as every SEO knows, an easy table from PR3 to PR4 is like this:

    1 link on PR2 page = 10 links on PR1 page
    1 link on PR3 page = 10 links on PR2 page
    1 link on PR4 page = 10 links on PR3 page
    1 link on PR5 page = 10 links on PR4 page

    Is that right ?


  42. Jefferson says:

    It would be interesting if pagerank was brought up to date with little times therefore to wait 3 months excessively and without a doubt time. Same E that pagerank either brought up to date in this period I find that this update would be good if also happened in the tool of webmaster of google.

  43. what is the best way to incease your PR? The ideal wish to santa is to have a high PR for Xmas.

  44. Diseñador says:

    I do not know if Google updates the pagerank, but I already has over 1 years with a PR4, every time Google does not put it more difficult to attract visitors to our site, Google wants all the web traffic for them, is not just be left to compete and I am trying to get by with Google Adsense.Pero really earn a pittance if you have it 5 to attract more visitors.



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