Thankful Blogging Catches On

It looks like the idea of Giving Thanks for traffic is going a little viral – ok it’s not a full blown virus but it’s nice to see others doing it too. Thanks to Spinopsys, Trevor, Christian and the Retrospector for passing on the thanks.

Anyone else feeling thankful – share the love, post a list and let me know about it in comments below.

Update: here’s a couple more at Cata Vino and Brilliant Days.

Update II: here’s some more who have joined in the thankful frenzy – Techno Sailor, Melissa Wiley, Frankaar, Proper Course, Designers who blog, Empirical Empire, lil duck duck, Stories of Pregnancy & Birth over 44y and Through Ball.

UPdate – thanks to everyone who participated – I’m closing this little project off now. Thanks

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  1. razib says:

    Darren I thanked you and Boing Boing for driving a lot of hits to my new blog IndianRaj. Today is the 5th day of this new blog and yesterday it got a link from you and Boing Boing and I had more than 400 hits yesterday.
    (Thanks a lot Boing Boing and ProBlogger)

  2. Shane says:

    So I ask myself how could IndianRaj send you trafiice over the last six months when the blog has been live for 5 day. Hey its your blog, you can do what you want. I am just really curious.

  3. Darren, thanks for this excellent idea. I posted a thanks-for-the-traffic post at

  4. jon says:

    how about we do one where we post all the sites that dont give us traffic LOL

  5. Leon says:

    Thanks a lot Problogger for helping to driving traffic to my blog. A few hits, but I get more hits from you than most blog directories!

  6. I tried this last month and thought it would be a good idea to do a bit of a fuller stats post. Here it is:

    I am going to repeat it every month because everybody loves reading about themselves and the others they participate with and it helps me to keep track of what’s going on a bit.

  7. Well, I haven’t sent any traffic your way (yet) and you haven’t sent me any (not expected, really) but I do want to thank you for the useful content. I’ve learned quite a lot from this blog for the last few weeks. I have what could be called a pretty niche-y blog and so it’s been interesting, to say the least, at trying to get it optimized. Your advice has been golden.

  8. Original Idea? says:

    Darren did you come up with the idea of thankful linking yourself? I follow a blog that’s been doing this for months. I knew she would start something, it’s nice.

  9. Darren Rowse says:

    Hi Original Idea – I’m sure it’s been done before, there’s nothing particularly new about either saying thanks or linking I guess. I wouldn’t claim it as original but I also can’t think of anyone who inspired me to do it.

  10. Tillerman says:

    Great idea Darren. I wrote a thanks-for-the-traffic post at

  11. Hi Darren!

    Congratulations for the Australia soccer team classification at the world cup! Now is time to eat some pizzas :-)

    Here’s is my thanks post to the sources that gives traffic to me:

  12. cat says:


    A bit tricky as DWB is in a different niche than ProBlogger, but as I was reviewing my other fav blog, Successful Blog, it worked rather well.

    Here’s the link –

    “The second blog-of-my-life is ProBlogger, by Darren Rowse. Darren sends us off with homework (thanks!) which resulted in my Team Blogging Goals.”


  13. Shirazi says:

    I can see the thankful frenzy getting into blogging like meme thing once used to be. Thanks for starting this.

  14. Lisa says:

    What an excellent idea! Here is mine…. thanks for the traffic, by the way, it is always appreciated ;).

  15. Catherine says:

    You’ve inspired me to do a thankful post on my blog too.

  16. Josh says:

    I gave thanks at

    And thank you, Darren, for the idea.


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