ProBlogger’s Baby Photos leaked to the internet

Meg at Celebrity Makeovers has an incredible scoop – she’s published the first pictures of my new baby boy!

This is quite incredibly as he’s yet to be born but paparazzi these days will go to any lengths!

Here’s Mini-Rowse himself:


Very amusing Meg!

Just a quick baby update for the many of you who have been asking.

He’s actually due in the last week of June. He and ‘V’ are doing well.

In terms of actual photos of ‘mini’ – I’ve decided not to sell them to Getty Images but will auction the rights to them in the comments of this post. What am I bid?

update: ok, I really need to make it clear when I’m joking. Having just received an email bid for $2000 USD for the photos and another telling me that I’m a bad father for doing so – I think I need to make it clear that I’m not serious about selling my child’s photos. This whole post was written in an attempt at humor friends – nothing more, nothing less.

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  1. Chris Howard says:

    Strewth, what a kid! In the days of cave dwelling, survival of the fittest (and best looking) would have dealt swiftly with that one. :D

  2. Carl Johnson says:

    Cute! lol

  3. Haha. That’s great. Already bought him glasses, huh? :)

  4. katiebird says:

    Cuter than heck! But I’m glad you weren’t scooped on your own little one. Are you planning to post a photo after the birth day?

  5. Darren Rowse says:

    not sure yet Katiebird. Probably will post something.

  6. David Krug says:

    I will make the initial bid of 50 American Dollars for Global Internet Rights to the Images.

  7. chris says:

    I bid $50.01 for the global rights. lets all hope the kid looks like his mother, God knows there are enough bald men in the world. I can say that cause I am one! :-()

  8. Stuart says:

    “I will make the initial bid of 50 American Dollars for Global Internet Rights to the Images.”

    Damn – big spending Americans – I was only going to bid 50 cents.

  9. Dennis says:

    Congradulatons. Our first baby is due in late October and things are starting to get interesting. I can only imagine what it will be like when we reach the due date month.

  10. L says:

    He he. Wow, that’s fantastic! I bid $50.02

  11. I bid lots of good will, and I’ll pay for college if I’m stinking rich by then :)

  12. juli says:

    sorry, please removed the link ads, this is an automatic from my browser, thx

  13. Jon says:

    He’s got more hair that Dad :)

  14. Trevor says:

    I’m surprised that he hasn’t got his own laptop yet – and where’s the link to his blog??? Can I suggest the following domain name

  15. Kenny Allman says:

    Congratulations Darren,

    You must be beaming these days.


  16. OK, $51, right across Syntagma Media, and a special feature for the sprog on Celebrity at Work. Brad and Angie eat your hearts out!

  17. That’s a good looking baby there! Worth every penny you paid for those pics too.

  18. Razib Ahmed says:

    Best wishes to you and your wife. Hopefully, everything goes fine with you. Try to give more time and support to your wife these days instead blogging so frequently. Who is taking care of her? Well, in South Asian culture, the female relatives especially mother and mother in laws support a lot during these days. I wish western people had the same style too.

  19. Mike says:

    lol cute geeky baby

  20. To the other Bald guy, you me and Darren should start a Bald Bloggers’ Coalition. ;-)

    Good luck with the bundle of joy, Darren.

  21. Lisa says:

    Ha ha ha ha, too cute! Hope all goes well with the REAL baby, if it’s anything like mine, you’d better sleep NOW because you never will again ;).

  22. EDK says:

    Every well wish for a thriving baby, mother, dad etal. Small thanks for a great and helpful site!

  23. David Krug says:

    I’m always losing auctions over pennies.

  24. Leon says:

    Hope the bidding goes well, but since most bloggers are broke you probably won’t get much.

  25. L says:


    I say keep blogging, this line of work is fickle. You need to support your family. Just wait, your wife will at some point assume you being at home means you are “free” to take care of baby. Bah.

  26. Meg says:

    Darren, thanks so much for this link! This is a new blog and the traffic it generated was a huge rush!

    I was thinking about your suggestion that you might sell the first real baby photo to the highest bidder for online viewing.

    Because we can also assume that you will link to the buyer’s photo, this could be an interesting experiment on what a link from a PR 7 site may be worth.

    In our case, we received lots of visitors due to your post, but the big underlying bonus will be the fact that you linked to us – and you are a PR7 site. This will likely make the search engines sit up and notice us right away and to start to index us! It may even give us a PR rating very early in the game.

    If people don’t know much about Google page rank, basically it’s based on a logarithmic scale (just like earthquakes), so a PR 7 site link is way more valuable than a PR 6 link.

    There are only a handful of blogs that rank a PR 7 and ProBlogger is one of them. So the question is, what may a link from ProBlogger be worth for the person who bids highest for exclusive rights to the first photo of his baby?

    Could it be the fastest and most inexpensive way to get a new site to start showing up big time in the search engines?

    A very interesting experiment I think!

  27. He looks a lot like his father :)

  28. pcunix says:

    eBay has taught us that people make frivolus bids that they have no intention of honoring. It is obvious that these stratospheric offers would never actually be contracted.

    Legitimate bidders like me are disgusted by such nonsense. I will make a real bid for the rights: One Zillion Romulan Standard Zirconian Dollars.

    I doubt anyone else can even approach my figure. If you are interested, have your people call my people and we’ll put it in ink.

  29. apiwat says:

    Hope the bidding goes well, but since most bloggers are broke you probably won’t get much

  30. One billion Zimbabwean dollars and an all-expenses paid holiday in Bulawayo.

  31. Problogger junior… I see the first post already: “Making money in your spare time: Huggies to Silk.”

    I wish you and your wife a safe birth and a healthy baby.


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