AdSense are Hiring

If you love AdSense and wouldn’t mind being a part of their team the AdSense blog just announced that there are positions vacant for AdSense staff on a number of areas. For all you’d have to be willing to live in Mountain View California (that counts this Aussie out) They do have international opportunities too though at Google.

Of course if you get a job with AdSense after seeing this post I’ll be requiring that you send me inside information!

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  1. thatedeguy says:

    Speaking of putting down roots, when’s darren jr. popping out? I only ask because if I remember correctly, my wife and I are due about the same time and we’re on a day to day basis right now.

  2. Darren Rowse says:

    2.5 weeks to go… and counting

  3. Razib Ahmed says:

    Thanks for the link Darren. It was interesting to see that Google is now becoming serious about Africa. In fact, almost all of the TEch companies have so far largely failed to realize the potential of Africa as a growing market. And another place is South Asia. ALl companies are too much focused on India only but the neigboring countries like Bangladesh, Pakistan and Sri Lanka have great market opportunities too.

  4. Kineticfrog says:

    Thanks for the info I’ll post this advertisement on my blog.

  5. Neil says:

    So you want me to be spy there, supplying you with the inside information.So there lies a selfish motive behind giving this information on your blog.


  1. SouthAsiaBiz says:

    Google is hiring in South Asia…

    Even Google has realized the potential of South Asian market too. Until now, Google and most other tech companies have remained focused on the Indian market only. Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka have a combined population of more than 300 million an…