How to Blog on Slow News Days

Andy Merrett has a post on how to Blog on slow news days where he gives a few options of what to do on days when there is very little happening in your niche:

  • Do nothing
  • Post opinion / forum / consumer views
  • Stray from your niche
  • Revisit old news
  • Publish an article you’ve written in advance

He writes more on each one – head over and add what you do in his comments.

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  1. Last week was rather slow, so on Wednesday I published something which was slightly outside my normal topic, and on Thursday I followed it up. I would have published them anyway, since I found them interesting, and they are somewhat related to my blog’s topic.

    On Thursday night, both posts were published to I spent the next two hours getting the machine, which was new and hadn’t been performance-tuned, to behave and handle all the traffic. Good thing, too; on Friday I made it onto, and on Saturday onto the front page of AND, where traffic seriously spiked again. This time the server held up well, thanks to my preparations.

    From Thursday night to now, I got at least 120,000 unique visitors and possibly more, made over $200 in AdSense, and picked up a thousand new feed subscribers.

    On Friday night, I wrote up a brief look at what I did to get the server to stand up to the oncoming hordes of barbarians, which I hope will be useful to anybody wanting to get 100,000 people reading their blog on a “slow news day.”

  2. Thilak says:

    Nice article, I used to following #1 until today. But I feel I should follow #5 and #2.

    “Most Borring Day to Blog is Sunday”

  3. RinzeWind says:

    There’s no such a thing as a “slow news day.” Get your digital camera, hit the street… get the news yourself. Prove that “grassroots journalism” is something more than a few words written somewhere.

  4. Andy Merrett says:

    Like the idea RinzeWind, however it’s still not always that simple. I wish it were. I think #2 in my list covers this to some extent.

  5. Steven Creek says:

    I have a few slow days because my niche is seasonal. It starts to slow down during this time period so this article was great. I need to try something a little different to get me through the slow times.


  1. AListReview says:

    How To Find Inspiration on a Slow News Day…

    What do you blog about on a slow news day?  Andy Merrett (via Problogger)came up with five ideas, each just OK, but not particularly inspirational:  Do Nothing Post opinion / forum / consumer views Stray from your niche Revisit old……