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“Where do I find Free Blogger Templates?”

I’m regularly asked by bloggers using different blog platforms where they can get nice designs for their blogs, usually for free. I’m a WordPress User and therefore know a few good spots for WP templates (here, here, here, here, here, here and here for starters) but one of the platforms I’m less familiar with that many blogs use is

Gecko and Fly have a nice list of well designed Blogger Templates that I think I’ll be sending people to from now on. Most are designs imported in from WP designs that are quite unlike default designs.

Share your Free Blogger Templates below if you’ve got any good sources.

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  1. provides some cool wp-theme converted into blogger templates.

    For those who love the WP look but can’t let go of blogger/blogspot, is worth a look!


  2. i am looking for blogger templates. i check with your collection. I need some more presentationable and professional too.

  3. HH says:

    thanks for the templates info, now i have more choices to select for my blog templates.

  4. Amanda over at Blogger Buster makes her own templates, showcases quite a lot of Blogger templates and gives lessons and tutorials on how to do all sorts of stuff you’d never think possible with Blogger.

  5. gre says:

    i would like to share my free blogger template creation both of wp theme and css template conversion also some original fresh templates just made for blogger. i keep all my works at
    ps: but i hate people that used my template and give no fair credit.

  6. Zulu says:

    I didn’t find suitable template from your collection. I need more specific ones. I need templates suiting to these blogs: ‘n’

  7. I recently wrote a blog post about a free wordpress theme that I downloaded. It shows how (with permission), you can turn any average template into something more unique and brandable. I hope this may be of help to some of you:

  8. Flora says:


    Thanks for sharing, I was in search of WP themes for my blog.

  9. Manoj says:

    Thanks for sharing the useful links Darren. Whatever I want to search related to blog I search yours and then others…

  10. Y. S. says:

    Man, some of the templates are so beautiful they make me feel like starting 3-4 more blogs!!! :D

  11. raffimax says:

    Great, thanks everyone for sharing, have some awesome templates..

  12. raffimax says:
  13. Thanks for these free nice & wonderful wp blogger themes.

  14. nhc1987 says:

    Hi, here is my templates collection. You should check it out :)

  15. lowonganmu says:

    thank you for the free template.

    I just want to ask, is it allowed to store the free template at our site so other people can download from our site?

    Sorry because I’m newbie on blogging :)

  16. Pras says:

    Hi, You can find the list of sites providing high quality blogger templates in the below link

  17. I’m still thinking whether to change my blog’s theme or not. My bf said that I should give some time before I change the theme because it might surprise my readers which might result to fewer visits. What can you say about it?

  18. Greenleaf says:

    Wow, a great list of wordpress templates. I found some links for blogspot templates too. Great. :)

    My blog:

  19. Ruel says:

    Hi, I’m new for blogging. I’m just curious, design or making art on your blog, how many percent it would make a huge traffic? How it helps to blog?

  20. Barb says:

    My site is a contributors blog. I found it difficult to find a blog theme which worked well with multiple bloggers. The one I found is called WPFreemium by Ptah Dunbar. I had to add a few things like a widget for authors, but overall I’ve really liked this theme.

  21. Barb says:
  22. Jeff says:

    I have always liked the idea of trying to use a fresh template that few people have seen so that it gives a new feel to the reader.

  23. Katherine says:

    I have just started a photography tutorial website. Despite my searching, I have not found a template that matches the content of my site. I will be looking at the websites listed in these comments. Any other suggestions? Thank you.

  24. gk-tips says:

    Great templates, good effort.

  25. george tomas says:

    Thats a good list of free blog , I like it .

  26. fei says:

    Nice templates here… Thanks… :)

  27. Alex Wilson says:

    Hi Daz,

    Great post again, I am slowly going through new and old articles on your site.

    I have utilised free templates for my wordpress sites also, ranging from full on CMS WordPress templates to generic easy to use publisher templates.

    My site; – Offers financial services tips and uses a generic ‘ProSense’ blog template that easily allows adsense to be incorporated.

    My personal site; – this uses a free template I also found, its very bland looking but could be highly spruced up very quickly.

    Cheers mate,

    Alex Wilson

  28. says:

    How about some unique Themes converted from WordPress to Blogger by ThemeLib ?


  29. Francisco says:

    BTemplates is the one i use.

  30. Usman says:

    I Got a blog on word press but don’t know how to upload a new template :( tell me plz!!!

  31. Nolvadex says:

    I know that have always liked the idea of trying to use a fresh template that few people have seen so that it gives a new feel to the reader. Thanks for all.

  32. Money says:

    Great list of free templates. I think your design is the best , its professional, and user friendly

  33. Cheap iPods says:

    Thanks for the templates.

    I tend to find the best ones just by googling the type of template I’m looking for – i.e colourful ones, and the results will show things like ‘the 25 best colourful templates’

  34. Is there anyone who can design a free blogger template? I can pay a minimum amount if they want me to.

    All websites mentioned above are good but still feeling that need that “1” design. :)

  35. Thanks! Darren for reffering

  36. Actually I like these templates, they are tremendously helpful and will save me a huge amount of time :)

    I’m new to this and the prospect of making a living from blogging seems a long way off, I also doubt I have the writing skills to make it immediately but perhaps with a lot of practice I may eventually get there.

  37. kola says:

    anyone got useful tips on free blogspot templates. The default ones are a bit too cold.

  38. cyberst0rm says:

    Thanks for the heads up bro. Gecko has some brilliant templates.

  39. recently had some excellent blogspot templates maybe you should update this post and link them up… as it will definately help your readers

  40. Vikash says:

    Thanks for these important tips for upgrading your traditional templates and to give a new life to your blog.

  41. nj says:

    Thanks for sharing Darren! I read on Gecko and Fly that they are not creating any more blogger templates. I continue Searching for more blogger template choices… Perhaps Blogger in draft has some new helpful features.

    Kind Regards,

  42. maryanna says:

    Actually I like these templates, they are tremendously helpful and will save me a huge amount of time :)

    I’m new to this and the prospect of making a living from blogging seems a long way off, I also doubt I have the writing skills to make it immediately but perhaps with a lot of practice I may eventually get there.

  43. top says:

    thanks you for posting these links for templates!
    I will see if I can use any of them in my blog(blogspot)

  44. gil says:

    WOW!!! I was merely drowned with all of these links. Like your informative comments. But don’t you think if you will be the one who will be personally customizing your blog template? I know it does not sound easy when in fact there lots of ’em out there, right? ehehe, just a thought.

  45. I liked the WP resources …. thanks …

  46. Aaron says:

    Thanks for the resources list.

    I am currently using the thesis wordpress template which you recommended.

    It’s not free but I have used it on many sites and love how easy it is to make modifications.

    Here is one of the blogs I put it on:

  47. Edwin says:

    i have really been searching for Blogger templates, i like three column templates though i dont have on. am going to try these out .thanks

  48. Web Designer says:

    Thanks for the list. It is true that you have so many resources on WP themes but so very few for Blogspot.

  49. Jennifer says:

    Thanks a lot for such a lovely place to know about Blog templates and I am using one of them on my blog


  50. aska says:

    thanks a lot for the list of site.
    i hope it usefull for me