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“Where do I find Free Blogger Templates?”

I’m regularly asked by bloggers using different blog platforms where they can get nice designs for their blogs, usually for free. I’m a WordPress User and therefore know a few good spots for WP templates (here, here, here, here, here, here and here for starters) but one of the platforms I’m less familiar with that many blogs use is

Gecko and Fly have a nice list of well designed Blogger Templates that I think I’ll be sending people to from now on. Most are designs imported in from WP designs that are quite unlike default designs.

Share your Free Blogger Templates below if you’ve got any good sources.

Free Blogger Templates were found via blogHelper

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  1. CrazyKinux says:

    I recently redisgned my blog using PsycHo: Free Template Generator and I have to say I was very happy with the ease of use, customization capability of the generator. It even lets you save your work and retrieves it when you come back to the site (using cookies I believe). I used to have one of the generic Blogger template but had gotten tired of the look, and wanted a 3 column blog. PscHo worked like magic and I recommend it to anyone!

    My redesigned blog:


    David “CrazyKinux” Perry

  2. rob says:

    Nice David,
    Drupal’s got a free theme generator too:

  3. bike guy says:

    Gecko and Fly is such a great find for! I have searched for hours to find good blogger templates and never found Gecko and Fly. Thanks for posting that link.

  4. Costa Fong says:

    two great sites that offers free blogger templates are,

    Caz Templates
    pannasmontata templates

    beautifully desined and very cool!

  5. I’m not terribly impressed. The vast majority of the designs have been lifted directly from The Style Contest with absolutely no creditation to the designers who originally designed them – and whom I believe hold the copyrights to these designs.

  6. Oops I didn’t notice, they do credit the designers on each style’s page. My mistake.

  7. And this is why I should think first and comment later. I was looking at a completely different site to the one linked above. Many apologies!

  8. Not really sure how Kosher it is to claim originality when it’s not yours. Fly’s taking credit for Forest Green when it’s clearly Dave Shea’s work on a standard Movable Type template:

  9. ZMAng says:

    Jesse: I’m not sure whether this was a late addition, but Gecko and Fly clearly credits Six Apart for the original design for Forest Green.

  10. John says:

    Another vote for PsycHo… Very cool, and easy to use.

  11. JDillio12 says:

    I recently changed my blog layout with free templates from some random website and it ended up fitting perfecty. I may within a few months switch to my own domain though depending on traffic, etc.

  12. Jai says:

    Thats a good list of free blog layouts, that i am searching for a while.. thank u…

  13. I’ve produced two blogger templates sofar, and plan to do more. My templates can be downloaded from

  14. Rasel says:

    i have two blogger tempalate and i am intrested post this template in web. please tell me free hostintg site.

  15. greg abel says:

    Thanks for the tips and posts.


  16. quicklode says:


    Like some of the commentors here, I also had a difficult job of finding a suitable template for my Blogger blog. I specifically wanted a 3-column layout of certain proportions. I downloaded a few but found that the headache of customizing them made me seriously consider creating my own from scratch (which I eventually did).

    I had a play with the PsycHo tool mentioned above and I agree it is very very cool. But an automated template generator has a natural limit to the ‘degrees of freedom’ within which you can vary your design.

    Some absolutely amazing templates designs are out there if you have the time to find them. Creative artwork, interesting color schemes and even animated templates! I decided to collect a few together .. then some more… then some more… and now the collection is at

    (note this a ‘standard’ Blogger site hosted on Blogspot.. the template for it is my own… but it shows what can be done – check out the categories system.)

    Designers rights are a BIG issue because templates are so easy to cut-and-paste. Having spent so long doing my own template, I realize how important it is that credit is properly given where it’s due. On Blogger Templates Directory ALL designer rights are respected and each designer has a profile page.

    Contributors range from professionals to schoolkids (and I don’t need to tell you which are the most eye-grabbingly imaginative!).

    Hmm, sorry I didn’t mean this post to be so long.


    (ps. I’m having so much fun with the Directory that my main blog isn’t even ready yet! duh..)

  17. hamdi says:

    beautifully desined and very nice

  18. Linux-box says:
    also have a nice collection of free Blogger templates.

  19. That’s quite the collection of template links, they’re gonna come in handy for me in a few days….

  20. Erik Robbins says:

    I have ProBlogger and Living Room bookmarked. You’re doing a marvelous job. If you were to go my site, you would obviously see that I just started my career as a ProBlogger. Right now I’m focusing on template/design so that I can move to the most important part, CONTENT! CONTENT! CONTENT! Looking forward to reading your feeds daily.

    Take care!

    Erik Robbins

  21. vikram says:

    i created my own template.If you to want that please mail me

    here it is

  22. TADDA says:

    i created my template. but, this bad i think….help me for good template

  23. “Your template could not be parsed as it is not well-formed. Please make sure all XML elements are closed properly.
    XML error message: The content of elements must consist of well-formed character data or markup.”

    I got this error when I copied the html of the gecko’s temple and paste into my blogger template.

    Please help. Thanks

  24. You will not get the help you need here. Begin by asking the author of the template and/or at the source of where you got it.

    Blogger should have some form of support forum, too. So you can ask there, but the rule is usually to ask the author, source, and last on the forum.

    Good luck.

  25. hey says:

    the main problem is after applying these good looking templates your sites serps look weird and that way can harm you if you are a professional blogger so do chk it.

  26. Elque says:

    I’ve made a few free blogger templates (new version). All are 3-column templates, designed to be easily customized (colors and fonts) just from the layout page, and to fit nicely Adsense banners and any other ad banners. I just figured out how to make horizontal linkbars in the header and will include these linkbars in all newer templates. The list of templates is still growing…check at

  27. DragStar says:

    hi all,

    can anyone design for me a template based on my website design or even better..?

  28. suray says:

    Thanks for your tips! It is very valuable!

  29. Bloggeroo says:

    I’ve created a clean 3-column Adsense-ready theme based on Nyoba 780, originally designed by Isnaini. Check it out!

    You can demo and download the template here:

  30. Blogstip says:

    This blog many many cool template

  31. Love Guru says:

    my blog is updated with new template…..

    “FOR LOVE TIPS pls visit my blog and give suggestions”

  32. Free Designs says:


    I like to design Blogger templates that are a little more lively and interesting than regular generic ones. I have about 40 designs in my archives. Lots of retro, lots of colour.

    Check it out:


    ps: no really, they’re actually *interesting* designs

  33. smithveg says:

    Darren, you are a Blogging master.
    How do you make money if your are a full time blogging.?

  34. Davinder says:

    You can find more blogger templates resources here:

  35. I actually just redesigned my blog over the weekend. I use wordpress, and I pretty much modified the default theme that came with it. If anyone needs any help with their layout, I’m always willing to help on my free time. =)

  36. thanx Darren for these links
    why did you change your theme?
    the older is better as i think
    but this is very nice also and may be more professional:)

  37. Bob says:

    Setting up wordpress theme is hardwork. Its take so much time to browse through so many template just to find one that fixs and then you need to twit it somemore…

  38. Larry Lam says:

    Thanks for these tips everyone. We are looking to include a blog on our website and between WordPress and Blogger, it sounds like WordPress is a better choice in terms of template availability and flexibility. Do sound out your views if anyone happens to disagree. Cheers

  39. sharnee says:

    I went to WordPress but came back to Blogger.

    I like the fact that Blogger give you google sized image hosting (have to buy a premium membership for that in WP unless you have your own hosting which you’ll still have to pay for). I also like the ease in which Blogger can be plugged into your own URL (and then, if you change your mind, reversed again). I guess, in the end, I feel like I have more control when using Blogger.

    Blogger templates are much easier than working with half a dozen php files (what a recipe for a total nightmare if you don’t know what you’re doing!). I really like the ease in which Blogger can be modified and think it’s pretty cheeky for WP to charge a free/simple user a fee to be able to modify their css or html.

    So, Blogger have my vote. No doubt others with disagree with gusto but for me it’s definitely best.

    Also, Blogger templates seriously don’t have to be boring —

    (yes, I’m on a one-woman fight against boring Blog designs):


  40. roffi says:

    Hi all! I just found a good website with blogger templates. Here is the link.


  41. Hey Darren,

    I had such a hard time finding good templates for Blogger. However, I love many of the features included with the new Blogger Beta so I went ahead and just converted popular wordpress themes myself along with creating some of my own. I have received great feedback from those who have used my templates so I welcome the readers of your blog to check these out.

    -Steve a.k.a Dafool

  42. Gis says:

    I have made a few templates basic but clean that id like to share :D

    Check out

  43. Gis says:

    damn the address is missing the .ar


  44. feelyou says:

    thank and if you like to add google adsense for you blogger
    seee here

  45. Cyrus Nguyen says:

    Free templates for wordpress blogs can be found at Blogger templates can be found simply doing a search on google.

  46. sangesh says:

    The template which i have switched to is also quite unique one. you can check it out. I have not seen it in anyone else’s blog.

  47. Demir says:

    thanks for these tips and those who share their templates.


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