Podcast interviews ProBlogger at Practical Blogging

Robyn Tippins has just posted a short podcast interview with me talking about blogging, now I got into it, how I transitioned into doing it for a living, how PR and marketing people should pitch bloggers, things I’d do differently and a few tips on blogging and monetization etc. Listen to it at Robyn’s blog Practical Blogging.

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  1. Mike says:

    Nice interview. I think you made an excellent point of exploring blog topics deeper rather than wider. I think we have all made the mistake at some stage of trying to go beyond our level of expertise.

  2. Mike, I sure have made that mistake as well… It’s much easier to come up with information day after day if it’s something you love. Unfortunately we often learn that one the hard way.

  3. ann michael says:

    Great interview – it was nice to put a voice with a blog! I loved hearing about how and why you started blogging. I’m only just starting out and I LOVE the fact that I get to hear from people in other parts of the world that are interested in the same topics I am. It a collaborator’s dream come true!


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