Speedlinking – 14 May 2006

  • I wondered how long it’d be before someone offered a Blog Backup service – now they have. It’s still in beta and has a 10MB limit on it (when I backed up ProBlogger this week it was 134MB) but it could be useful for some. Found via Weblog Tools.
  • Jon reflects upon the first week of his new Linux Blog Network
  • The ever vigilant Jen from Jensense notes that AdSense have again changed their Program Policies and seem to have backdated the changes by two whole months. The change limits publishers to a total of 4 referral buttons per page (one per referral program) which indicates that they are planning to release more referral programs. The idea that they change the policies had never sat well with me but that they would backdate changes just seems odd.
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  1. vivek says:

    I am using service from, it costs about $2/GB.

    No software installation needed or php script for backup. It works with all oses or you can use Internet Explorer, iDisk, FileVault etc

    I always store encrypted database and other files. Dam good service and price .

  2. RinzeWind says:

    I have a more modest, DIY approach for my blog backup. I have a little script on my server that dumps the database contents into a .tar.gz file everyday, and then I have that file sent by e-mail to my Gmail account. It’s free, it’s easy, no storage limits (or virtually, anyway)…

  3. All these refferal buttons don’t bring so much money anyway, so don’t take it seriously.
    What’s really interesting that’s next step of Google, one more button maybe will be the best.

  4. brem says:

    backdate changing policies seems unfair and illegal to me.