Speedlinking – 12 May 2006

Here’s a few interesting links that I found on my travels through RSS-land this morning:

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  1. eSearing says:

    How do you feel about sites like or other sites that let you grab articles as long as you give credit to the author? Assuming the articles are well written and on-topic.

    My subject if fairly broad and these free articles fit my small biz resources concept. I also feature guest writers so I can to give my site a wider voice and higher level of expertise than just my ramblings.

    re:how to earn less than $.14 per day- Perhaps #19 may be go against common wisdom and have a broad topic rather than a niche topic. I’m sure I have several of the other suggested problems.

  2. Darren Rowse says:

    eSearing – I’ve spoken about this here and here.

  3. Thanks Darren for the linkage, It is much appreciated. If it wasn’t for your reverse psychology post I don’t think I would be blogging at Why My Blog Stinks right now.

  4. Hey, thanks for the stuff on ezine articles; I’d been thinking about doing that and now probably won’t based on your comments and Yaro’s.

    You just saved me a bunch of time, ProBlogger (the true coin of the realm in life….)


  5. Darren, thanks for the acknowledgement and the other helpful links. I want to know how you keep track of all the comments you make around the Web!

  6. logviewer says:

    It’s nice to see everyone sharing their experiences, without worrying about giving away their best secrets.


  1. […] Just a final note to Darren. In the article with the link to my series, you write “Stanley from Blog Money”. You got my name right, not the name of my blog though. It’s called Blog for Money. Anyway, your link is much appreciated. […]