Yahoo’s Advertising Overhaul Officially announced

Loren has posted details of the email that Yahoo sent it’s advertisers which has details of the overhaul they’re doing on their advertising program. Looks like they’re definitely doing some worthwhile updates including geo-targetting, quicker ad activation, budgeting/planning tools etc. To be honest I had thought Yahoo already had all this built into their system and am quite surprised that they’ve let AdWords get so far in front.

Also read the official press release announcement from Yahoo as well as a note to YPN publishers on the YPN blog telling them that the improvements in the advertisers end of the process will lead to improved performance of their ads also.

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  1. Let them get in front? They started way in the rear. You would think they’ve never opened an Adwords account themselves just to see how the competition did things. But at least they have conversion tracking.

  2. row1 says:

    Yahoo is behind Google in pretty much everything … *zing*

  3. I wrote some stuff about this as well. Yahoo certainly did miss the boat in terms of strategy. Somehow I don’t see Microsoft paying publishers to advertise on their sites. I still don’t see Yahoo doing that either.

    Its not just the search engine matching up the content and serving relevant adds. That is only half the strategy. Microsoft know that they have been left behind as well.

  4. vitaliy says:

    It wouldn’t make much difference since yahoo way of doing business becoming more and more regressive. They are loosing searches and now you need to pay to get even indexed. That’s why searches are getting worse and worse. I’m running, I recieve a lot of traffic from msn and google but none from yahoo. Try yahoo and type make money online you will get whole bunch of irrelevant sites.


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