Zookoda 2.0

Zookoda (the Australian RSS to email system that I use for my newsletter) has been working over the last few weeks on a new version of it’s service which it’s releasing today – Zookoda 2.0. Tech Crunch has the announcement here (although doesn’t really mention any of the new features for some reason).

The official Zookoda site doesn’t have any announcement of the new version on their site yet (that I can see) but the new version will be particularly of interest to blog networks as it allows multiple lists on multiple blogs to be coordinated with different bloggers having access to their own blogs without having access to others (while the network manages can see them all).

Metrics from all lists across a network can be monitored together through a single dashboard.

I’m yet to try Zookoda 2.0 but it’s something that we’ve got access to already at b5media and will get into in the coming weeks (if only there were more hours in a day).

I have however used Zookoda on my own blogs (three of them now) and am very pleased with it’s performance so far.

I’m told that Zookoda 2.0 will be available today at some point and you’ll be able to see full specifications on it on the Zookoda site then.

Update: The launch is now official and has been announced on the Zookoda blog.

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  1. I’ve actually been tinkering with it for an upcoming site, after having seen it on this site.

    It looks very good, though in configuring I did have a few issues with things like:

    1) I add an extra field to the subscription form, but then couldn’t rearrange the order as their AJAX thing wasn’t working

    2) CSS issues… it would be great if they allowed greater control over CSS and general layout. i.e. access to the code on their site would be better than having to transfer it over if little things need fixing in the code that couldn’t be done elsewhere.

    But otherwise it’s very good… plus it’s in beta so I can’t complain :D


  2. peter says:

    Looks good i will test it


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