Changing Media Landscape in Australia – Seminar

Those readers in Melbourne or Sydney might be interested in a seminar called ‘Changing Media Landscape’ that Slattery IT is putting on later this month.

The topic:

“How is the Australian media landscape evolving? The race is on for consumers and workable business models! This seminar brings together an impressive collection of representatives to discuss the opportunities and challenges the media industry is facing. Speakers will also share their views on the impact of changes to cross-media ownership, uniform defamation laws, blogging, user-generated content and the ongoing developments in copyright law. The possible future structure of the media industry, the likelihood of sector consolidation and the potential winners and losers will be discussed.”

The details:

Date & Venue:
SYDNEY – Tuesday 23rd May, 2006
MELBOURNE – Wednesday 24th May, 2006
Time: 5.00pm-7.00pm
Cost: $30 Watch Subscriber; $50 Non-Watch Subscriber (inc. GST)
Sydney Speakers: Rohan Lund, Director, Digital Media, Seven Network & Interim CEO, Yahoo!7; Mark Strong, New Media Manager, Network Ten; Ian Vaile, Head of Content, ABC New Media
Melbourne Speakers: Andrew Kenyon, Centre for Media & Communications Law, Melbourne University; Mark Strong, New Media Manager, Network Ten; Eric Beecher, Co-Founder, Private Media Partners; Oliver Barrett, Partner, Minter Ellison; Mike van Niekerk, Managing Editor, Fairfax Online’

Register Here

I’ll be at the Melbourne one unless something out of my control happens and I kind of wish I could be at the Sydney one too as the speakers look good there too.


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  1. Duncan says:

    Gotta ask, how can you seriously have a forum on the changing media landscape and not include bloggers?

  2. Darren Rowse says:

    absolutely – while I’m sure it’ll be an interesting discussion on a theoretical level I’m going to it expecting a real lack of understanding of practical issues on the topic. Maybe I’ll be surprised but to me there is a certain lack of street-cred in lots of these discussions.