Technorati Top 100 Through the Eyes of Google

Philip Lenssen has put together an alternative Technorati Top 100 list, based upon Google Backlinks. The results are a significantly different for quite a few blogs with Instapundit climbing from 7th to 1st, Talking Points Memo by Joshua Micah Marshall climbing from 35th to 2nd and Daily Kos going up a notch from 4th to 3rd.

The actual Technorati Top 100 is based upon unique links over the last 6 months and therefor measures blog popularity based upon a more recent history whereas Philip’s new list is less time specific.

Doesn’t really mean anything except to illustrate why longevity in blogging pays off when thinking about your blog’s value in the eyes of Google.

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  1. Unfortunately Google’s backlink query has lots of issues. It might have been more useful doing that with Yahoo backlinks.

  2. Google’s backlinks don’t really have issues, Google chooses not to show and update them a lot. And they only show the most valuable backlinks.
    Yahoo doesn’t filter rel=nofollow from it’s backlinks, so those links say nothing about your ranking potential at Google or other engines, while the other way around does work.

    And as a little extra, for blogs in Google, recent entries and links are quite important. You can always see your recent blogposts getting high in search engine results pages, only to drop down later. So, ironicaly, looking at Technorati popularity might even be a better indication of your Google performance.