What do You Do?

How do you describe your blogging business to people when they ask ‘what do you do?’

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  1. “I blog.”

    On occasion, “I’m a computer consultant.”

  2. calvin says:

    and I say:

    “am an online journalist”

  3. Duncan says:

    I normally say internet marketing or online journalist. If I say blogger it usually confuses people.

  4. Ross Runkel says:

    I publish legal information [pause] on the internet. We have the only successful dot com in Oregon. [Then they stare.]

  5. brem says:

    I usually avoid talking about what I do, whether blogging or my work as an engineer. I lose people in the first sentence anyway.

  6. Martin says:

    I say I’m a (fulltime) online publisher, then get the looks like: “yeah, okay, what about a real job”.

    No point saying “blogger” – better things to do with my time than waste energy selling blogging.

  7. I don’t say anything about it since I’m still so new at it and since it’s really more of a hobby right now.

    I think I’ll wait until I’m making a bit more than $10 a month before I start telling people I blog for money :)

  8. It’s definitely tough. I usually just say “I run a bunch of web sites” but then the question is re-asked as “but how do you make money?”.

    Just like most other self-employed jobs, everyone’s either going to think you’re a genius with amazing skills or that you’re perpetually unemployed, usually the latter. I’ve learned to live with it.

  9. Jason says:

    “Basically, I’m a professional loser.” lol…


    I only make about $40 per month off AdSense at this point. I’ve just started with AdBrite, and I hope to get someting going with that.



  10. Maria Palma says:

    Before I answer the question I ask them, “Do you know what a blog is?” If they answer yes, I tell them that I blog for a living. Otherwise I tell them I’m a “writer for a business news website“, which creates more questions….

  11. kunal says:

    The best answer from me is I manage website. If i say blog, they’ll wonder what it is.

  12. Jamsi says:

    Darren, you’re an online “independent” publisher who makes money through advertisements. Try to think of a person who writes for a newspaper, similar job yes?

    For gods sake don’t mention the word blog :D

  13. I say: I run an Internet media business.

    They say: What’s that?

    I say: A series of publishing websites.

    They say: So you write the words?

    I say: Yes, among other things.

    They say: So, you’re a blogger?

    I say: (deflated) I guess so. ;-(

  14. errr…..If they don’t know what a blog is I first explain what a blog is…..then I tell them about my blog.

  15. Alan says:

    I just tell people I work on the internet. Anything more specific and the “real worlders” start getting that glazed over look in their eyes ;-)

  16. JAMINUSA says:

    I just tell them I run a website, especially to the older crowd in my family who still do not own a computer. They usually ask why do I do it, I say I do it for a hobby, but I am making money. Of course the inevitable comes “How much do you make?” (Which to me is a rude question). I tell them I just made a hundred dollars with google for the first time, so it is not that much.

    I guarentee when the money aspect gets bigger with blogging a whole new business will open up for me, explaining to my familiy how to start a blog, set it up, blah blah blah. My family tends to be very money oriented.

  17. Paul says:

    My blogs don’t really earn me much more than a few AdSense cents here and there so I tend to focus more on how I use my blogs in my main business and as a growing venture on the side.

    Blogs are still a bit of a mystery here in South Africa so anything with the word ‘blog’ is met with blank stares.

  18. The Mole says:

    Global Domination….that’s what I do.

  19. Neil says:

    Generally if I tell someone that I run a few blogs, they look at me like I am from another planet. I guess that is what you get when you live in the midwestern United States, where there are still dial-up users.

    So to combat that and make myself sound cooler than I am, I tell people that I run a few websites, or that I am a movie critic. And when they ask where I write my movie reviews, I give them the url to Film School Rejects. They could care less that it is a blog, in fact very few people see it as a blog, they just see it as a site with movie reviews.

    I am sure at some point the area in which I live will catch up and people will know what the heck I am talking about when I say that I am a blogger. At least, I can only hope…

  20. I say .. “I’m self-employed … and do a lot of things … ”

    Most of the time, however, if my spouse or family starts BLAMING blogs for everything (you didn’t take out the garbage? What were you doing, blogging?) then I go on my own rampage and switch “working” for “blogging” and “blogging” for everything other adjective I do …

    “I’m working hard” (actually means I’m blogging) or stuff like “I’m going to Blog over to Tim Hortons” (means I’m going to walk to Tim Hortons for a coffee)

    Eventually .. they give up asking me about blogging. That’s the way I want it. It’s like investing in stocks .. do you go around telling your friends and family .. “I sold 1000 shares of Dell today, and bought 500 shares of Google” .. if you are a daytrader (or blogging daily) other people just don’t get it anyway.

  21. Marc James says:

    Web publisher

  22. i write,code and design

  23. Ken says:

    Here’s my new term for a blogger:



    Unfortunately, people think of blogs as online diaries. That’s why we need a new term that better describes the essense of what a professional blogger (cronner) does.

  24. Declan says:

    I usually tell people I am a web publisher when they ask what that involves I then tell them I am a professional blagger! That usually raises some eyebrows…

  25. I definetly agree with Ken. It seems like the majority of the time that I use the word “blogging,” people want to know how you can make money by writing a diary. I think it’s important to be honest and try to give an explanation of blogging, because as people knowledge increases, blogging will gain continual respect and credibility.

  26. Amit Agarwal says:

    I generally say that I write for a technology website.

    The next question is “where is the money”

    I then say that I get a share of the Advertising revenue ..

    But yes.. most people don’t understand and make silly assumptions ..

  27. Sergio says:

    Well, usually I say I write some stuff on the internet on some “very interesting” issues.
    People normally get curious and come back with lots of questions about all this works (webdesign, writting, adsense earnings, etc)

  28. mienne says:

    The explanation that I’ve found makes the lightbulb go ‘bing’ in the less tech-savvy is,
    “I write an online column.” (Like a newspaper columnist would every day or week, with their take on things.)

  29. jim says:

    I tell people I’m an online media mini moghol, emphasis on mini.

  30. Richie Carey says:

    ‘Internet Marketing’ or ‘Web Development’ or sometimes I just say ‘Computer Guy’….depends upon the person!

  31. Loren says:

    Here’s how I describe what I do…

    1. I’m a freelance journalist

    2. I write primarily about the search engine industry. The search engine industry is a multi-billion dollar business… Google, Yahoo… etc.

    3. The media which publishes my writings is my own site, a blog, which is read by about 7,000 people in the search & marketing business world per day.

    4. I sell advertising on the site.

    5. The advertising is relevant to what I write, and it pays ok.

    Or, I just say I work on computers. If they acuse me of being into porn, I just reply that if I did web porn I’d be rolling in cash and probably living in Miami or Vegas.

  32. Must Love Goblins says:


    I usually go with “I”m a writer.” I’ve had a few freelance articles published, so I can point to them. It’s just too hard to explain the whole web site/blog income thing to newbies. ;)

  33. I tell them that I manage two websites that are dedicated to getting news and information to plus size men and women.

  34. Steve says:

    I do Affiliate Marketing online and represent many high quality companies that pay me commission for my results.

  35. Dane Carlson says:

    I’m either a “professional blogger” or the “owner of a blog network” depending on who I’m speaking to.

    Unfortunately, many people still don’t understand.

  36. Ella ("L") says:

    It’s funny, some people (like my old Nans) don’t understand it. Some think (and some wrongly inform others) that I write for fashion magazines. I’m a fashion blogger. Many people don’t even know what a blog is. I have to explain, but I don’t need to tell you what I say. It’s difficult and slightly different each time (and usually, there are people around to help). My mom’s always bragging (about the free stuff I get, mostly). (I might get a free HANDBAG! Sigh, anyway…)

    Basically, I’m a fashion writer. On the Internet. (That’s what I should say, isn’t it?) (Ooh, and I “work for” [but I probably can’t say exactly that, legally, on the ‘net].)

    About family members asking to join you, someday. My mom has asked if I can give her a job. But we share money, pretty much, already! (She’s out of work due to injury, right now.) And I have other people who are into editing and stuff, maybe some day, when I’m huge, I can give them a break. 0:-)

    (LOL: the Mole)

    Hart, my father is worse than my Nans with computers, I swear. He’s always said I “sit all day and play.” He’s ALMOST coming to realize that I WORK. He he. (And geez! I go to SCHOOL! Ha ha.)

    Declan, I’m a “Boston Bla(h)gger! ;-)

  37. ADP says:

    I tell them I’m an online journalist specialising in the death penalty in Asia. If they’re interested in the ‘online’ question, I tell them about my blog. But usually I find they’re more interested in the ‘death penalty’ bit….