ProBlogger Vidcast

After my previous post on video on blogs I thought I should put my money where my mouth is and do one myself.

It should be noted that what follows was a spur of the moment recording and that technically it will leave a lot to be desired. Content wise I talked about my move to publish full feeds and add feedburner ads to them (a double up I know for my email newsletter list).

Also – I’m aware that the video and audio become out of sync more and more as it goes along. I’m unsure why this is as when I uploaded the video it wasn’t like this. I’m pretty sure most of you will be pretty frustrated with it by the end – sorry but something happened at the YouTube end I suspect. This was my second attempt to upload it, the first one was still ‘processing’ my upload 5 hours after it completed uploading and kept telling me it would only take a few minutes longer. Oh well – it’s a start.

I’d be interested in feedback – more on the medium than the message.

Update: The irony is that in the video I talk about my lower traffic to this blog after moving to full feeds but that producing a vidcast that can’t be viewed from within the feed has actually caused a surge in traffic an comments on the blog. Using media like video could well be a strategy for getting actual eyeballs on your blog if you’re publishing full feeds.

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  1. Mike says:

    That’s more jumpy than a Shane Warne delivery!

    But nevertheless one for the future.

    Makeup artists for bloggers anyone?

  2. Hi Darren

    I just watched the video in full and I would love to see this become a regular feature although perhaps a weekly one where you talk briefly about highlights of the week and one or two ideas that didn’t quite make it to a full post.

    I suggested a podcast earlier in this comment feed and I really think that might be a way to do it, either in the form of an audio or video podcast (or both). Otherwise I didn’t have a terrible experience with YouTube so that is an option as well.

  3. JErm says:

    It’s nice to see that you’re real!! Keep doing this man, with blogging tips and stuff and I bet this place will get a stampede of traffic.

  4. colbert says:

    nice video cast. thanks Darren.

  5. James says:

    I like it… perhaps you could give us a tour of “the house that Google bought” for inspiration and motivation? I’d love to see one of your check stubs, but i’m sure that’s against the terms of service. :)

  6. Dan says:

    Hey there…

    I hope this isn’t taken as spam – (I read your comments policy) – but we’ve been putting together a video sharing site…( and we’re hoping to partner with bloggers who want to use the video medium in their blogs. (As an Australian site, we particularly want to focus on Australian content – and make that our point of differentiation)

    We don’t actually have an embeddable player yet – although we’ll have it up and running soon. But we’d love to hear you write (speak) about what features you’d like to see in a video hosting service i.e. what features do you think would help your blog? We’re a brand new site and so we’re hoping to find out from users what they want most in a site so that we can design the site around that sort of feedback.

    Anyway – perhaps you’ve already made these observations somewhere on this blog.. so I’ll have a bit more of a look around.

  7. m07 says:

    bloddy you tube.stops working when i need it.


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