SOME Australian AdSense Publishers Get Direct Debit Payments

Last week I posted that AdSense had made available Direct Debit Payments to Australian Publishers – I was so excited about it that I actually posted about it from the road on my holiday after finding it in my inbox (I only checked twice while away). I confirmed it was true by logging into my AdSense account and saw the option to do so.

Unfortunately by the time I returned home the option was gone.

This was a little odd – I considered whether it was a hallucination caused by lack of oxygen after a day of scuba diving at first but then emailed AdSense to check. I just got a reply from them saying that the EFT payment option for Australia was ‘launched on a limited basis’ and isn’t available any longer.

In other words they are testing it with a closed group of publishers. They also said that they’ll be opening it up to a ‘wider set of publishers in the near future’. Whether this means to all Australian publishers or a slightly larger group I’m not sure. I’ve also heard whispers that they’ve been doing similar ‘tests’ in other countries that have so far not had the option for EFT payments. I’m unable to confirm this though at this point.

My apologies for getting Aussie publishers prematurely excited about EFT. Hopefully it’s not too far off for the rest of us.

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  1. Andy Merrett says:

    Strange – I wouldn’t have thought there’d be much to test out in this age of international banking, electronic transfers, etc. – why not just roll it out to everyone…

  2. Greg says:

    I saw your article and was able to submit my banking details on 10th April which would be active “once verfied”. So far google hasn’t tried verfiying the details so i’m yet to be convinced they are overly serious about the EFT option at this stage

  3. Kensai says:

    Lets hope that they will provide this option to the rest of the world to.

  4. I recently signed up to this here in England, so I’m watching out for Google gold hitting my bank any time now. I agree with Andy, if PayPal can run a service in OZ (apparently it’s quicker than in the UK), I don’t see why they need to trial EFT to a small group.

  5. Scott says:

    I signed up to EFT pretty much soon after I saw your post about it. Google said that they have tried to make a deposit on the 10th and the transaction has just showed up in my bank statement. Verified, and it is all good. But I guess the real test is when Google makes our March payment at the end of this month.

  6. Tim says:

    Yeah, I verified today, after waiting atleast a week for the EFT verification deposit. All sorted now.

  7. md says:

    I managed to get my bank details in from New Zealand last week, Google tried the test deposit April 13, not yet received but fingers crossed for this month.

  8. Declan says:

    Thanks for the heads up!

    I was wondering what happened when I went back to fill out the details and saw the option was no longer available.

  9. Pete says:

    Yes, I received my test deposit this morning in Australia also. Hopefully it won’t be too far away as a standard option.