Blogging for Beginners Series – What’s Missing?

Blogging Basics
I’m coming to the end of my Blogging for Beginners Series (I have a plan for another 5 entries) but wanted to ask readers to take a look through the series so far and see if there are any topics that they feel are missing.

The posts I’m planning to write are another one on income (an introduction to Ad and Affiliate optimization), another design post (from Peter to round out his mini series), one introduction to Blog Networks post and two or three other general ones.

What’s missing?

Keep in mind that the series is aimed at beginners and the topics need to reflect this.

I’d love to hear your suggestions in making this tips collection as helpful as possible for beginner bloggers.

Qumana Vacation Competition

Regular readers will notice that in the last 24 hours I’ve welcomed a new sponsor to ProBlogger – Qumana.

They are currently running a competition that will send one lucky blogger (and a friend) on a week long ‘ultimate Ski or Surf Vacation’.

The competition is pretty easy to enter. In essence all you have to do is download the Qumana beta, use it for your next 20 posts with the ‘powered by Qumana’ link in the footer, then write a creative post ‘about your blogging landscape’ (this is what your entry is judged upon) and then notify the Qumana team of your entry.

Then you could be skiing or surfing for a week – Qumana’s treat!

All the entry details and terms and conditions can be found here.

Disclaimer: as mentioned above and in the sidebar Qumana are a sponsor of ProBlogger.

1 Millllllion Readers

ProBlogger has just had it’s 1,000,000th visitor!

I’ve been psyching myself up for this for the last few hours and watching my Sitemeter stats so I could get the screen cap and it just happened (kind of reminded me of the day I took a photo of my car’s dash when I clicked over 111,111kms).

Picture 2-9

So who was the reader who clicked us over into 7 figures?

I don’t know their name (and looking at their stats they don’t look like a regular reader) but here’s a little information on them:

  • They are from India
  • They came to the site from a search on Google for ‘Money Making Technique’
  • They entered on the main page and left on this one on how bloggers make money from blogs
  • They stayed for a grand total of 10 seconds

Hmmm – not the most exciting visit in the world – but a milestone of sorts none the less. Now I’m going to celebrate – with a cold and flu tablet and an early night (no I don’t pop pills to celebrate usually – just a bit off color today).

PS: Yep – I know Sitemeter stats have a bit of a reputation as not being overly accurate – but my AW stats show pretty similar levels of traffic.

Thanks to Rob for the email reminder that my stats were about to tick over to this mark

Time Stamps on Blogs – How Many Does a Blog Need?

Rachel has been asking some interesting questions about Time Stamps on blogs in an attempt to de-clutter them.

I think it could be an interesting discussion so head over and have your say.

SES New York Blogging

I’m very jealous of those who are lucky enough to be in New York at the moment for the SES conference. The sessions I’m seeing numerous bloggers reporting on sound very useful. One blog you can follow what people have been learning on is Search Engine Roundtable which has quite a few of the sessions written about. There are too many to mention one by one but I’ve just spent the last hour or so wading through the category dedicated to the conference and found the experience well worth it.

Blogonomics Blog Cruise – Early Bird Discount Closing Soon

I’m told that the Blogonomics Blog Conference/Cruise is closing it’s early bird discount on 15 March so if you’re planning on going make sure you register before then.

I can’t wait for it and have heard from a number of ProBlogger readers that they are coming – would love to meet more of you if you’re interested.

Who is coming?

AdSense confirms 180 day Referrals Time Limit

More AdSense news (they do like to make all their changes and announcements on the one day):

The official AdSense Blog have confirmed that the referral program is now operating on a 180 day time limit (an extension from 90 days). The change is retroactive.

PS: of course we reported this over a week ago thanks to an email tip off from Tom.

Ether Launches Beta – Blog Consulting Potential?

D32 Etherbeta-105X45 V1Ether is a start up that I think will interest many Pro Bloggers – especially those looking for a way to do consulting online.

It has a range of services (remember it’s in beta) available but the one that interests me most is the ability to sign up and get an ether phone number which you can make available to readers to call. It will forward to your home phone and those that call it will be charged whatever consulting rate that you set.

You set your rate, set your hours of accepting calls and they handle the rest.

ether take 15% of your income from the call and handle all the credit card costs, call costs etc.

They also have two other services that I’m sure will appeal to some bloggers also:

1. They have a method for selling digital content which I think some bloggers will find useful for selling special reports, e-books etc.

2. They have a similar service to selling content on the web but it’s email based.

I’ve been contacted by a number of companies over the last 6 months who are developing services like this one so I expect to see more in the year ahead (disclaimer: ether could have been one of these companies – I’ve done interviews with a few now and I can’t find their names!).

This is something I’d be very interested in using here on ProBlogger as I do have quite a few requests for consulting work each week and one of the problems has always been the logistics of it all.

So far the beta test is invitation only – if I get one I’ll give it a go and let you know how it works. You can put your name down to be notified when they accept more testers at their site.

Found via TechCrunch

update: My only suggestion would be that they enable calls to be booked as I like to have a schedule for the day ahead of time.

New AdSense Reporting Features Added

In addition to the facelift at AdSense today there is also news that there are new reporting features. The AdSense ‘what’s new page’ explains that there are two new features – firstly the ability to see how much of your traffic is viewing ads that are being targetted to your site specifically by advertisers (impression based ads) and how many visitors are viewing normal contextually targeted cost per click ads.

To view these – go to your Advanced Reports tab, then choose the ‘AdSense for Content’ in the first drop down menu, then check ‘show data by individual ad unit (it doesn’t work with viewing by page unfortunately) and then check the ‘Show data by targeting type – contextual or site’ box. It will then show you some new stats that you won’t have seen before.

The other new reporting feature that is being rolled out is referral reports which now can be checked over any date range (previously they only showed it in your ‘overview’ page which was quite frustrating.

To view your referral stats go to ‘advanced reports’ and then in the ‘choose product’ drop down menu choose ‘referrals’ and generate a report.

The only other thing that I notice that seems to be different is that when I went to log in to AdSense today it did so without asking for my password – something AdWords has done for me previously but not AdSense.
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