Story Submissions Closed

Wow – I just came home after a few hours out to find that the last couple of hours before the deadline for stories to be submitted for next week’s stories series were certainly busy hours. In the last couple of hours alone there were 15 new stories submitted – bringing it to a total of 40!

Submissions are now closed and I’ll be working out which one’s we’ll use in the period that I’m away over the next few days.

If your story is not chosen don’t dispair – I’ll attempt to use as many as I can over the weeks that follow after my break if the feedback on this series indicates that people found it worthwhile. Thanks for everyone’s efforts – but please, no more stories! :-)

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  1. Ryan Wagner says:

    Hey Darren,

    I know that this comment doesn’t necessarily belong here but I just wanted to thank you for putting up such an informative site. I really try to listen hard to what you say about making successful blogs and I think it is working. My Adsense revenues are about doubling every month and I am starting to get recognized on the web. Last week I had an article hit SlashDot and I have had a few make the FrontPage of Digg. The most amazing to me is I am number 1 on the Technorati Favorites.

    I know it does help that I am a Computer Engineer at Iowa State University and I have most of the department reading my site (word got around quick). Well, I just wanted to say thanks and I am an ever-faithful reader…so don’t stop anytime soon!

  2. Darren Rowse says:

    thanks for the feedback Ryan – really glad that you’ve found problogger helpful and that blogging is going well for you at the moment. Keep up the great blogging work!

    PS: and don’t forget us little guys when you’re rich and famous!

  3. DaEMoN says:

    Your “case studies” have been most interesting to me, up until now.
    Hence, I am eagerly looking forward to read these stories, Darren!