Fastclick = ValueClick Media

Today the integration of Fastclick (and impression based ad system that some bloggers use – my review of it is here) and ValueClick Media was completed. If you go to the Fastclick site you’ll now be forwarded to VC’s site instead where you can log in using the same login details that you previously did.

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  1. I was relieved to find it’s just the old FastClick interface I’ve grown used to with a facelift and a search-and-replace of “Fast” with “Value”.

    I wish they’d done the switchover on January 1st to simplify my taxes, but otherwise I’m impressed with the “new” ValueClick so far. It will be interesting to see if there are more advertisers–I previously used FC but not VC, so in theory they should have more options for me now. Maybe.


  1. […] Durch Darrens Artikel wurde ich wieder auf Fastclick / ValueClick aufmerksam gemacht und habe mich da spontan mal beworben. Gerade kam aber die Absage: Dear Sir/Madam, […]

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