Das offizielle deutsche AdSense-Blog

German speaking AdSense publishers might be interested to find that the official AdSense blog now has a German sister site called Das offizielle deutsche AdSense-Blog.

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  1. chase says:

    Man, Google is really expanding!

  2. JT says:

    Wonder how fast they will delete it?

  3. markus says:

    This is realy good. Otherwise we have to translate every word in tutorials to match the german interface.

  4. Paolo says:

    Great day for Germany. But still, a lot of great adsense users .

  5. Julian says:

    Quite nice, but not necessary, the English version was enough.
    For webmasters, who aren’t familiar with English, it’s useful nevertheless.

  6. Knut Karnapp says:

    Hehe, I was quite confused reading this german headline here on problogger. Looks kinda strange ;-)

    I don´t think that there was need for a german sibbling of the adsense blog, though. But if so..

  7. Nice to read a german phrase on problogger too. :))

  8. Darren Rowse says:

    actually I’ve often wondered about having a German version of ProBlogger as I seem to have quite a few Germans read this blog :-)

    But if I did the Dutch and Malaysian readers would kick up a stink :-)

  9. Knut Karnapp says:

    Dutch not so mutch, because it´s quite a bit similar to the german language, but Malaysians sure would ;-)