Performancing Metrics to go into Public Beta Shortly

I’m told that the Performaning Metrics blog statistics package that I reviewed earlier in the week will be going into a public beta test in the coming hours. Press Releases are circulating on the web and the invitation to officially give it a go is imminent from what I’m told.

Watch their site for the announcement shortly.

update: It just went live. You can read about it here.

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  1. Khurrum says:

    Thats great ! :D

    The “Register” link is up but it’s currently saying “You are not allowed to access this page”

    Probably in a little while then. Thanks for the heads up.

  2. Khurrum says:

    Oops. Actually it was saying that because I was already logged in.

    It is live!

  3. Jon Heizer says:

    Cool! I am in. Thanks for the heads up everyone.

  4. Jesse says:


  5. The Mole says:

    This is a great product. I’ve been looking for some good analytics software for my blog, but Google Analytics hasn’t sent an invite yet, so this is an awesome replacement.

  6. John Hood says:

    Google Analytics is more marketing centric, but quite useful nonetheless. I’m holding out for a Google Measure Map invite!

  7. Dave Starr says:

    Installed it less than 2 hours ago and useful data is already coming in. It is a great tool for beginners for sure and shows promise for more advanced tools soon .. recommended.

  8. Entityx says:

    Thanks for the tip, its a great tool. Think it’s best to join now before the big boys buys them up and close signups like what we saw for writely, urchin, measuremaps and others.