endo – News Aggregator for Mac users

Endo-IconAdriaan Tijsseling, the guy behind the critically acclaimed ecto (the Apple version of the blog publishing tool) has today announced his latest product – a news aggregator for Mac users called endo.

I’ve just downloaded it to try it for the 21 day trial period and so far I’m really impressed with it.

I’ve always been a user of Bloglines and it will be hard to get me to move on from it as I like it’s browser based nature – but as far as non browser based aggregators go this one seems to have a lot going for it.

For starters it synchs very well with blogging via ecto but it also seems pretty customizable and integrated with the OSX interface (including spotlight).

I’ll give it a bit of a run over the coming days but am pretty sure I’ll get a copy of it – partly because I think it’ll make a great back up to Bloglines, especially when I’m on the road and want to read my news offline and partly simply because Adriaan’s produced some great software for Mac users and I’d like to show him my support in the hope he’ll make more!

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  1. Mirko says:

    You might want to try out NewsMac Pro. It’s a great RSS reader that can sync with your Bloglines account.

  2. Tim Houghton says:

    (Your link to Ecto is broken)

  3. jim says:

    As pretty as it may be, will people be willing to pay for something they can already get for free?

  4. Steve says:

    It’s very well, different. I’ve been using it since day 1 and am still getting used to it. Lots of potential, and it’s great to see something that breaks from the mold. Adriaan is tweaking it in real time, so he’s definitely a responsive developer.

    Definitely bears watching.

  5. but it only works on MacOs 10.4! So those of us that are happy with 10.3 just gotta do without it!

  6. Marc James says:

    Hmm, using Bloglines was a disaster for me. As good as web-based software can be, it will never give you the same power and control as you get on a desktop app.

    I use NetNewsWire Pro on 10.4.5 and absolutely adore it. I sync it with .Mac and read my news on multiple computers all in sync. Have you tried this? It is the king of newsreaders on OS X, and for good reason.