ProBlogger Suffers DoS Attack

Apologies for the downtime here last night – we had a DoS attack aimed at ProBlogger.

It’s nice to feel noticed :-)

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  1. Ma2T says:

    I noticed!, glad they didn’t do any real damage, great to have the site back online :)

  2. Is THAT what that was?

  3. Brent says:

    Congratulations Darren. All they’ve succeeded in doing is proving that you’re a significant enough blog to bother attacking. You must have made it!

  4. mark says:

    yup, that was fast! I hope you told your host to put in security measures so it doesn’t happen again. :)

  5. lavonne says:

    Um, forgive the newbie question, but what’s a DoS attack?

  6. Rich Miller says:

    Any idea what the attack was all about?

  7. Shane says:

    Serves you right for trying to make this site such a great help to so many people. I hope you learned your lesson ;)

  8. Andy Merrett says:

    lavonne: DoS is a Denial of Service attack, typically where a set of zombie (remotely controlled due to being infected by virus/malware) computers hit one website to either use up its bandwidth or cause the web server to crash or timeout trying to serve too many web requests. Pontentially difficult to stop a DoS attack across many zombie machines because you can’t just block one IP number or range.

  9. says:

    I noticed the down time as well, Darren. Thought you were just experiencing some hosting problems. Good to know you’ve identified the problem and (it looks like) resolved it.

    As Brent said, you know you’re famous when you get this kind of attention. ;)

    Take care

  10. Aaron says:

    mod_dos is an Apache module that thwarts Denial of Service attacks. Hope the sysadmin takes those precautions.

  11. Vlad says:

    Oh, whew. I thought the site shut down or something. I visit it every day and I was surprised that it wasn’t working.

  12. Duncan says:

    You know you’ve made it when you’ve suffered a DOS :-)
    Hope your host is being supportive, they usually arent.

  13. Darren Rowse says:

    Mine is being very supportive – looks like we’re getting there with it.

  14. Me says:

    Recently a lot of websites suffer DoS attack, including mine.

  15. I Got Noticed Yesterday But I Thinked That’s My Pc/Internet Problem
    I Hopes DoS Attack Didnt Done Any Damage

  16. I’ve only been reading a couple of weeks,but its a great resource. Darren ,lets hope its the last problem for a long while.Keep up the brilliant work.Cheers!

  17. Rian says:


    mod_dos is an Apache module that thwarts Denial of Service attacks. Hope the sysadmin takes those precautions.

    mod_dos is all well and good but if you’re experiencing a 40-100Mbit DDOS attack, you’re going to need to look at more drastic measures than Apache modules. :p

  18. pcunix says:


    Two possibilities: a competitor, or a preparation for extortion.

    Neither one seems likely. Possibly it was accidental? If it was extortion, you’ll be hearing from the s.o.b’s son enough.

  19. huh! i was wondering why i couldn’t read my rss feed of problogger during my lunch break yesterday! darren, that’s an interesting way to to see the DoS attack (getting noticed).

  20. anymounous says:
  21. Leon says:

    So that’s why I couldn’t view the site. I feared the worst…that you actually shut the site down.

  22. Digger says:

    Who the hell would DoS problogger? Man talk about having too much time on your hands.


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