PR Blogger Builds Profile and Lands Job

Popular PR Blogger, Steve Rubel, has just announced that he’s moving from CooperKatz to new employer at Edelman. While I’m sure there’s more to it than just his blog (a lot more), it’s been fascinating to see how Steve has used Micro Persuasion over the last 20 months since it’s beginnings to raise the profile not only of his company but also himself. In doing so he’s marketed himself as an expert in his field brilliantly and it’s no wonder that he’s in demand. Yet another way of making a living from blogging (more indirectly than running ads – but still well worth exploring). Congratulations Steve.

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  1. Jim Kukral says:

    Yes, congrats to Steve. Aspiring bloggers should look to him as the model for how to make a career with your blog.

  2. Prince John says:

    Hi Mr. Rowse,
    You have put a good positive thing about blogging. The same strategy can sometimes backfire.

    I have many blogs for which i use pseudonyms for postings.

    Getting fired before safely landing on another destination is something terrible.