Meme Trackers

Richard MacManus has a good round up post that takes a look at what he calls the increasing array of Meme Trackers that are pretty popular these days.

He ranks Memorandum as the best (he’s a long time fan) but others that he looks at (some that I’d not come across before) include:

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  1. Memo is definitely the best And TechCrunch had an article on this recently. I personally like Blogniscent as it is neat and fast and includes many topics.

    And Newroo has not even been released.

  2. Sorry for the dbl post but there seriously is some problem with your comments thing. After I post a comment, it always takes me to a blank page. Have you installed some new plugin or something?

  3. says:

    This is fantastic thanks. I create a mambo/joomla review component (, the component has a users comment section at the end of each review. I am definetly going to revamp it after seeing some of those!

  4. says:

    the above post was meant to be in regards to Comment Design ‘Showcase’, sorry i dont know what happened.

  5. Ryan says:

    Wow — I just learned what Meme means :D


  6. Forgive me if I’m leading the thread astray, but I’ve been searching on your blog for your opinion on memes. Good? Tacky? what are your thoughts?

    I was tagged, and then I tagged. One of the bloggers responded with a polite, “thanks, but I choose not to participate in memes.”

    Now I’m wondering if I committed some kind of internet faux paux. Am I a dork for tagging someone? I was thinking they’d appreciate the link.