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Google latest Toolbar Beta has been released. I’m sure someone out there is excited but as a Mac user I’m more excited by the fact that I got a beetroot stain out of my shorts this afternoon. HoHum.

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  1. Actually, this is one toolbar I’d like to try, with the server-side bookmarks, but I use firefox, so I’ll have to wait…

  2. Jesse says:

    you do not seriously eat beatroots… do you?

  3. I’m actually pretty stoked. About 30% of our readers use IE6 or IE5. Some very small percentage of people even know what RSS is, and we have minimal feedburner subscription rates – most of our readers bookmark the site.

    We just set up a custom button for the new toolbar. The button allows users to see the RSS feed entries, and also allows them to search our site with the google toolbar. We have a link on the site now that makes it trivial to add the Tyner Blain custom button to the new toolbar.

    Now the non-RSS folks will be able to quickly jump to recent posts and search the site. We use WP, and jeromes-keywords plugin, so people can now do keyword search of our site via google’s toolbar.

    It is a bummer that it isn’t universal (yet) – but I’m sure it will be. And we’ll be there when the other browsers/OS show up. Windows users outnumber Mac+Linux by 10 to 1 for our readers too.

    Thanks again for a great blog, Darren!

  4. Scott,

    Are you saying the majority of your readers use FireFox or some other non-IE browser. That’s amazing!

  5. chris says:

    Beetroot, Darren are we alowed to ask what you are doing with bbetroot hmm? sounds like some super duper Aussi blogging trick for traffic. Any tips for us americans?

  6. Robert,

    Half of our readers (47%) have “Unknown” browsers. I made an assumption that “unknown browsers” are distributed similarly to “known browsers” – maybe that’s a bad assumption.

    17.3% of total browsers (~1/3 of known browsers) are either IE5 or IE6.
    13.1% of total browsers are firefox or mozilla derivatives.

    Then we have opera, safari, lynx and konqueror, plus robots


  7. Darren Rowse says:

    Aussies LOVE beetroot – we put it (pickled) in hamburgers, sandwiches, salads – it’s Beautiful!!!!! (but only pickled).

    Only downside is it’s ability to ruin anything it touches with it’s stain.