Money Blog Network Launches

Top Personal Finance Bloggers Unite to Launch MoneyBlogNetwork

I’ve just received the following press release announcing that 5 personal finance blogs have just banded together in a new blog network – the MoneyBlogNetwork.

The five blogs forming the new network are:

* JLP of AllThingsFinancial
* Jim of Blueprint for Financial Prosperity
* Flexo of Consumerism Commentary
* Nickel of Five Cent Nickel
* FMF of Free Money Finance

Press Release:

January 23, 2006 ˆ Five of the top Internet personal finance bloggers today announced they have banded together to create a first-of-its-kind personal finance blog network designed to put personal finance wisdom, best practices and commentary just a mouse click away.

The new network, with headquarters online at <> beginning today, will be composed of the following top-performing personal finance bloggers:

* JLP of AllThingsFinancial
* Jim of Blueprint for Financial Prosperity
* Flexo of Consumerism Commentary
* Nickel of Five Cent Nickel
* FMF of Free Money Finance

‘We’re confident the MoneyBlogNetwork will be the top ‘one-stop shop’ for personal finance information upon its introduction,” said FMF of Free Money Finance. ‘Combined, the five founding members get more than 4,000 daily visitors and more than 10,000 daily page views, and their work has been recognized in Newsweek, BusinessWeek, The Wall Street Journal, The NY Times, Yahoo Finance, PC Magazine and others.”

The new network will begin with the five founding blogs and may elect to add others over time. Readers can subscribe to its high-quality information for free using an RSS feed, which can be accessed though the network’s home page.

The network will launch with a bi-weekly newsletter that will give all subscribers access to special activities at the MoneyBlogNetwork, such as select content, new contests and special offers. In particular, all newsletter subscribers will be automatically entered into all network contests.

Blogging networks have seen growing success in the past year. In October 2005, America Online announced the purchase of Weblogs Inc., a network of Web sites focused on a wide variety of topics. The deal was estimated at approximately $25-million, though financial figures were not disclosed.

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  1. Paul says:


  2. RS says:

    Good for them, they are 5 of my favorite blogs. Hope it works out well.

  3. Hey, thinks for the mention. (And for your kind words, RS)

  4. mark says:

    thats good news. hope it works out well!

  5. Toad says:

    That is really cool. It is a couple steps above merely linking to each other.

    It’s also kind of motivating to me. I have been running my financial blog with my sister since the beginning of the month. So seeing a network focused on this is really inspiring.

  6. Kashifraza says:

    Interesting wish them best of luck

  7. Flexo says:

    Thanks for the mention and the well-wishes, everyone!

  8. Tom Hanna says:

    A financial network run by rappers? Seriously, I’ve read several of the blogs and they are all high quality. Still, it seems like a marketing mistake to use names like “Flexo” and “Nickel” for something financial. Then again “fitty” and “diddy” seem to be rolling in the dough…