Dpoll AJAX Polls

DPolls is a new AJAX Polling system that has you can place into the posts of your blog (supposedly – and if you can see the poll to the below it seems it works).

I use the WordPress Democracy plugin to run the polls in my sidebar but one of the limitations of this is that you can only run one poll at a time. This might be a way around this.

This is my first go at them so I can’t really recommend them yet except to say that they seem to work pretty simply and are easy to set up.

So now you can vote and let me know what you think.

Create polls and vote for free.

PS: it also collects gender and age details of those voting IF they are members of Dpoll. Also it’s possible to add a photos to the poll (something I didn’t do in this test) to further pursonalize it.

found via Weblog Tools Collection

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  1. When I tried the poll, I got the following error

    Poll not available
    Unauthorized poll code use
    Please contact site owner

  2. Ray says:

    I have used them a few times, However they see to be down quite a bit.

  3. Dread says:

    The Eyecandy of the poll is quite cool, the performance, however, could be improoved.

  4. Dee says:

    I just responded to your poll and I like the image. It’s cute. I’m viewing your site in firefox. When I scroll down the poll doesn’t complete until I scroll back up to it. I thought that was cute or something’s wrong with my old computer one.

  5. Occasionally I use dPolls on Google Video of the Day, and I have never experienced problems with them nor heard back from visitors that the polls didn’t work. I like their ajaxian goodness, but if you want the results to only be from your blog’s visitors, make sure you put the settings for the poll so that people can’t vote at the dPolls site. Otherwise, people could vote who didn’t visit your blog and they might be getting things out of context and skewing the results. Not that it’s all scientific, or anything. Dpolls is the best free polling service I’ve seen so far, and there aren’t that many.

  6. brem says:

    I’ve got two gripes.

    1- The system does not support accented letters which is very inconvenient when you blog in another language than english

    2- You can’t resize the polling window, which is equally annoying.

    Great idea, but not up to my standards ;-)


  7. mark says:

    if they were polls offered like that, I would most definitely use it if I need it. Ajax polls are pretty good, and ajax is awesome in general!

  8. Azam Zaki says:

    I registered 3 times before i got the verification email. anyway it looks quite nice on my site :) , thanks darren

  9. Jack says:

    I contacted the site’s support, and they said full size and color customization are coming soon.

    I think this would be great when it become available.

  10. Aaress says:

    I just installed dpoll on my site and I really like the ability to use it in WordPress posts. Thanks for posting this info Darren!

  11. Splatty says:

    Thanks for the post. I have been looking for a good poll solution the past couple of weeks and Ajax seems to be just what I was looking for! A lot less cumbersome than the poll plugin for wordpress.

  12. Eric Tischler says:

    I ran across Have you tried it yet? I’m setting up a blog this weekend and will give it a shot. Looks like you could have as many polls as you want.

  13. Shalin Jain says:

    You should give a try too!

  14. nocavehoes says: has free polls that are even easier than dpolls. is a ajax based poll site that lets you make public polls, private polls or polls for your blog or myspace page. I like better because it is easier than dpolls and vizu. Try it out at


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