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As I said I’d do last week I’ve closed the latest Poll of the Week off because it was beginning to take over my sidebar. I found the results quite interesting. The question asked:

What Blog Platform Do You Use Most?

The results had a few surprises for me. While I was expecting a large showing for WordPress (around 37% of the 1000 respondents) I was intruiged by the large number of ProBlogger readers using the free hosted platform (22.2% – or 222 readers). This figure was almost triple the number of Movable Type Bloggers. Another surprise to me was the large numbers of Blog platforms that I’d never heard of before. By the end of the poll there were 49 options. Thirdly I was interested that 2% of those taking part use some sort of ‘custom made’ blog platform (sometimes even hand coded).

I’ve graphed the results of the top 13 platforms (each had 10 or more responses) and grouped all the ‘others together’. The full results with all the ‘other’ platforms are listed below the fold.


Graphic powered by Keynote (click to enlarge a little).

Full Results – 371 – 222
Movable Type – 81
Expression Engine – 40
TypePad – 35 – 32
Drupal – 25
Custom Made Blogs – 20
Text Pattern – 17
LiveJournal – 13
Mambo – 11
Nucleus – 11
b2evolution – 10
.Text – 9
Xanga – 9
SquareText – 8
SubText – 7
Geeklog – 7
Blogharbor – 6
DotClear – 6
Serendipity – 5
MySpace – 4
dasblog – 4
Joomla – 4
Pivot – 3
Blogzerk – 3
Typo – 3
Powerful Intentions Community – 3
DotNetNuke – 2
Bitacoras – 2
LivingDot – 2
iblog – 2
Sulekha – 2
xoops – 2
pmachine Pro – 2 – 2
Tattertools – 2
City Desk – 2
BlogSoft – 1
Rediffblogs – 1
Jroller – 1
Community Server – 1 – 1
dotclear – 1
Blogsite – 1
mojblog – 1
Boast Machine – 1
Blog Drive – 1
Scoop – 1

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  1. Sheraz Alvi says:

    Well since my last post I have been using WordPress and I have been blown away with the ease of use and customizable functionality of WordPress. I have tested wordpress to work as a proper CMS and believe me its not a blogging platform its a complete and comprehensive CMS.

    I used it for my sites,,,
    and many more its the best tool if you are doing freelance work as it saves you a lot of time and offer such huge library of plugins and themes that you wont need anything else. I also used it for a ecommerce site and believe me I found an excellent plugin and worked on it to get the functionality out. Now I am moving towards building my own themes and may be plugins God willing.

    Cheers all great post by the way this site is also on WordPress. So go for it I would say.

  2. charles says:


    I am using blogger as my platform. Which is a better platform? WordPress or blogger?

    People say that i should change to wordpress but what about my current traffic and links. They will definitely get lost.

    Thank you

  3. Only Katy says:

    We use wordpress and couldn’t be happier… its functional and easy to use – 2.5 has a new interface that looks very modern, and publishing for sub-admin levels is completely hassle-free.

    I wouldn’t dream of embarking on a long term blogging journey using a 3rd party host like blogger. You need to own a domain, an host it there. It will be worth something to someone someday, and that someone shouldn’t be or google.

  4. Max Ikbal says:

    I’m curious to know about other free and hosted platforms other than and blogger. Any suggestions people??

  5. Shirley says:

    Nice timeless post. I’d like to see the breakdown now. It probably looks pretty much the same.

  6. i’m blown away so much to take in, i use blogger but it’s a pain in the arse and my page rank is now null – could even be sandbox…any advice guys …i am not a techie but i understand seo more ( not great just more )

  7. Isaac Yassar says:

    Hurray, Blogspot is number two! Great! Blogspot is the perfect platform for bloggers who short on money but rich in ideas and determination. If I have enough resource to start hosting my own domain, I’ll use for sure.

    Anyway Aramis, are you writing articles for human or robots? Forget about page rank, your audience read your contents without ever thinking about your page rank. They don’t care, all they care is the value of your articles, whether your articles help them or not, and that’s it. If you want more advice go to my site and we’ll talk about it. :D

  8. BloggerGurl says:

    What about Vox? I am sorry to say, that I’d consider using if it didn’t seem so complex to set up. Also, what about transferring a blog (like mine) to another platform. What complications does that present? Is it wise to just keep it on the current platform…. but I’m wondering if Vox will allow me to insert ads, etc.

    • Lara Kulpa says:

      BloggerGurl – Self-hosted WordPress (.org) is NOT complex to set up. They boast about their 5-minute install, and they walk you through it every step of the way on their site. Failing that, you can always consider hiring someone to do it for you.

      Honestly? I’ve been in this business for over 12 years, and your mention of Vox has probably been the 2nd time I’ve ever heard of it. The problem with it (as with any free/freemium blog site) is that despite the fact that they tell you how much control you have, you really have none. Your search engine results depend on what the search engine thinks of, not of YOU. It’s unlikely that you can use your own ads anywhere, except MAYBE inside your posts (though I’m not sure of that even). While they offer “hundreds of designs”, you can’t change them or modify the colors or personalize it at all.

      This isn’t just against Vox, it’s against any blog platform that you’re not hosting on your own domain and with your own hosting setup. As for transferring though, Vox is so little used that doesn’t even offer automatic import of your blog (for transferring). The best you could do, is IF Vox offers an RSS feed, you could try it that way, but I’m willing to bet that there will be cleanup on each post after the fact.

      Is it worth it to switch? A thousand times, yes… even if you have to manually copy every post from Vox to your own site.