Building 9rules

Colin Devroe has started an interesting series of posts on the topic of how was built. The first in the series looks at the early days and how they used WordPress to accept submissions and add new blogs to the network. This promises to be an interesting series to keep an eye on.

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  1. Scrivs says:

    What’s funny is that I’m interested in reading the series because I work in the system every day and have no idea how Colin worked his voodoo.

  2. Darren Rowse says:

    LOL – you sound like me mate. I have no idea of half the stuff that goes on in making most of my blogs work/not work ;-)

    I guess that’s the key sometimes – letting those who know what they are doing do their stuff.

  3. Mike Rundle says:

    Colin is absolutely ridiculous with that stuff. I’ll hand him an XHTML/CSS prototype of a new page at noon, and after I get back from lunch it’s already implemented and ready to rock. He truly is a magician. I think one of the best professional decisions of my life was aligning myself with Col and asking him to be a part of 9rules.

  4. Kashif raza says:

    its good & helpfull because i m going to develop a blognetwork


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