2006 Australian Blog Awards

The 2006 Australian Blog Awards are on over at Collective Apathy (the one previously run at Kek’s blog) with voting opening today. The voting is pretty sophisticated (preferential system) to the point where it’s actually a bit of a process to do so. You need to register at Collective Apathy before voting and then rank blogs in preference (some categories have over 20 blogs). It’s a pity it’s so involved as I know from experience that the smoother you make it for someone to participate the larger the response will be. Having said that I understand why they have done it this way – to keep things more accurate.

If you’ve got the time to go vote and surf through the entries you’ll find some quality Aussie blogs in the mix. is nominated in the Victorian and Technology sections and my brother blog, the Blog Herald is nominated in the Western Australian and Mainstream Media Blog sections.

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  1. Russ says:

    If I had known they had an Australian Award for blogs I would’ve promoted it on my blog. I seriously doubt that my ‘loyal’ readers would have nominated me by themselves. ;)

  2. Damm, 2 Podcasts? I have asked to be added late.

  3. Jennine says:

    I’m quite excited by these awards as my site has been nominated for two – Best New Australian Blog and Best South Australian Blog. I’m quite humbled, excited to be nominated and thought of as being this good but sensible enough to know that I probably won’t win :D