Blog Platforms – Poll of the Week

This week’s poll is on a topic I’ve been wanting to investigate for a while now. The question is:

What Blog Platform Do You Use Most?

Are you a WordPress fan, MovableType, Drupal,, TypePad or do you prefer one of the other many varieties of ways of getting a blog online.

I’ve added the ability for you to add your own blog platform if the one you use isn’t in the starting list already.

Just to define the question (some people always ask for clarification) – the one you use on more blogs than any other blogging platform. If you only have one blog – the platform that runs it.

I’m also interested to hear the things you like and dislike about your blog platform in comments below.

Update: due to the large numbers of platforms being added this poll might be shortened and ended after the weekend or my sidebar might end up being three times longer than anything else on my pages! :-) So if you’re going to vote – do it soon!

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  1. Duncan says:

    I think to be fair you need to add “other” to the list, way more blog platforms out there than this.

  2. Darren Rowse says:

    like I say – people can add any that they use before voting (just click the ‘add an answer’ button). Could end up being a very very long poll ;-)

  3. JBagley says:

    I would be very suprised if WordPress didnt come out tops in this poll. It rocks. How about different versions of WP on the list? 1.5 and 2.0?

  4. Darren Rowse says:

    I don’t want to get into versions at this stage thanks (although it’d be interesting)

    If people want to comment on their versions here in comments they can do so though.

    We can run a version one another time if needed – but I’m more interested in getting a big picture for now. Thanks for the suggestion JB.

  5. Nick Ohrn says:

    I love WordPress, and I think WordPress 2.0 is a huge upgrade from WordPress 1.5. The only gripe I have is the default RTE. I preferred the simple textarea box for adding posts. When you go to edit your posts (which happens more often than not when you see something you don’t like) the RTE would strip away tags and just leave you with underlines. It was quite bothersome. Other than that, I love WordPress’s features.

  6. Tam Denholm says:

    I love wordpress and i also think WP 2.0 is great but i agree with Nick with the RTE. Also there are quite a few bugs that ive noticed with version 2.0 but overall im happy with it. I just think it could have been tested more before release.


  7. Simone says:

    I’m a .NET developer, and on my server I didn’t want to install PHP over IIS.
    So I was forced to use a .NET blogging engine.
    Compared to the LAMP blogging engine, they are very small, no plugin support, small or ugly skinning support, very few community related features.
    First I used .Text, then I tried out Community Server, and at the end I decided to use SubText.
    Since SubText is an OpenSource Project I also decided to spend my spare time trying to improve the features of it, and making him more like WP.
    In a few months we will be releasing 1.0 version
    if interested have a look at

  8. karli says:

    I truly believe that if you have the skills to build one, there’s nothing like a custom-built system. It will always have the greatest flexibility. Hopefully within the next few months, should become both a great ‘frontend’ and ‘backend’ for bloggers of the hormoneal kind. Well that’s my aim anyway. If it doesn’t work, at least I can say I tried.

  9. mayvelous says:

    Definitely WordPress. It has everything that a blogger need with millions of plugins and forever improving themes. WordPress resources are the easiest to find compare to others which is one of the main advantages to use WP. Very user friendly and everything about it rocks. I love the the new version and always gonna be WP fan. I also use blogger for testing purposes and I think for starters blogger is an ideal platform.

  10. WTJ says:

    blogger. free

  11. gavin says:

    WP for the win!

  12. I am using .Text on my site but I will be upgrading it to SubText as soon as I spare some time from the baby. As Simone said, SubText is an open source .NET blogging engine based on .Text.

  13. Andy Merrett says:

    I love WordPress – I have it running my blogs and the network. I can’t face upgrading them all to 2.0 yet, though I’d like to, because my newest blog is based on 2.0 and I love it (particularly the improved editing screen). It’s just another reason why I think WordPress is so brilliant.

  14. Dan says:

    So is if you install it on your own hosting and is if you use the free wordpress hosted site?

  15. A.H says:

    Not necessarily Dan, is modified in a way you get minimum control over it, and is hosted only under a domain like this: , while is mostly hosted on the client domain, services like offer(ed) a very nice free package of wordpress.ORG, which means they give you direct FTP access to your firls and you have full control eventhough it’s free =)

    I use wordpress 2.0/1.5/1.5.2 on my own servers.


  16. Dan says:

    Right, thanks. As I understand, since I’ve installed WP on my own hosted space I’m using for the purposes of this poll.

  17. One vote here for MT. Love it. (I couldn’t let you WP folks have all the fun).

  18. Taoski says:

    Just making the move from Blogger to WP.
    Love it so far!

    Much more “professional”

    As Mayvelous said. Blogger for beginners!

  19. Christina says:

    I was a die-hard Nucleus fan until I finally tried WordPress. It is mighty nice to not have to know a little php to add features and set up core services, especially for multiple blogs.

  20. PXLated says:

    Expression Engine all the way. Much more than a just blogging platform.

  21. Spare a thought for Movable Type please!

    Of course WP is the Mercedes of the platforms at the moment but an experience on Blogger is still the best initiation to blogging.

  22. Mike says:

    Kinda scared to go to 2.o, but it’s WordPress for all 14 blogs !

  23. Chris Howard says:

    This poll highlights why I switched to WordPress. With it’s popularity, WordPress experience and skills are going to become an asset on one’s resume. Even already B5 have advertised for a WP guru.

  24. Dale Cruse says:

    MovableType for me

  25. Paul says:

    I started with MyBloggie, and posted around 1 post a month because it was just SO difficult. Then I swapped to a hosted version of Blogger and find posting a joy.

    Just shows that the right platform can create or detroy a successful blogging mindset

  26. I use WordPress for my own blog — but MovableType for the blogs I run at work for press releases and so on.

  27. RS says:

    Currently, but will be moving at some point. Probably to whatever wins this poll and that looks like WP.

  28. Mike says:

    I just moved my blog from blogger to WP2.0 and love it. I don’t understand why blogger didn’t try to compete more with WP2.0. I think there are many people like myself who start with free blogger, build some traffic and then probably want to move to their own domain. The biggest mistake is using blogger in the first place.

  29. Marcel says:

    Drupal ( ) has the most flexibility.

    It’s can be used for much more than blogging.

  30. Brent T says:

    I started with and moved to WordPress. I like the total control I get from using WordPress.

    I started with WordPress 1.5 and recently moved to 2.0 on one of my sites. I’m not an expert with the code that’s behind the scenes so I don’t see a big change.

  31. WordPress 2.0 for me, but I turned off the RTE, so I get the best of both worlds… :)

  32. Patrick says:


  33. Bill McRea says:

    I am just starting to move my blogger sites over to wordpress sites. I just like to have the control that WordPress gives me and it’s plug in add a lot of possibilities.

    After moving to Hostgator as my host I can open as many sites as I want for only a small charge. Bloggs, Info Sites, Retail sites, Forums etc.

    Life is good

  34. Joe says:

    If I sound stupid, sorry…

    How easy or difficult is it to change from Blogger to WP?


  35. I use Boastmachine. I like it’s simplicity in management and posting. Since blogging isn’t my main online business, it does what I need without having to sort through endless functions. I have looked into and tested other packages, but this one just seemed to suit me and my purpose.

  36. tom sherman says:

    Even though I currently use Movable Type, I wish I were on WordPress. More development is done for WP, it’s a more vibrant platform, and it scales better. I’ve written some critical stuff about MT (and Six Apart) on my blog, which I guess is a little ironic since I’m still too lazy to port it over.

  37. @Joe:

    It’s pretty easy to move from blogger to wordpress, as they have a dedicated importer that does the job quite well. You have to get your own hosting or use, though.

  38. Scot Herrick says:

    Squarespace is one of very few platforms that allows me to build out a web site along with the blogging and not have things in 20 different places. And by being able to do most of it without programming, so I can concetrate on content.

    The blogging features are many; it is not stripped down at all.

  39. Jon Heizer says:

    I used Blogger until last night. I finally bought some hosting and I am currently moving my blogs over to WP 2.0. I moved 3 of the low traffic ones last night. Still scared to move the big guys, but I will tonight if I have time. ::fingers crossed::

  40. Paul -V- says:


    Downside: Drupal isn’t for wimps. I’ve had to teach myself CSS, Php and tons on code… and my theme is still lack-luster.

    Upside: Drupal is extremely friendly to search engines, scalable, the code is easy to follow and the plug-ins are great.

    Drupal was the tougher road to take for me, but I have been constantly rewarded for the hard work.

  41. Paul -V- says:

    One more important note about Drupal: It can do EVERYTHING. It is much, much more than a CMS. That doesn’t sound like a big deal, but I’m amazed at what my blog is capable of doing.

  42. I used to use b2evolution but moved to WordPress about 6 months ago.

  43. Simon T says:

    I’m looking for a blogging platform at the moment – so i’ve been very interested in all these comments. Not much on b2evolution, which surprised me. It looks like WordPress is the one with the momentum behind it. My only reservation is that the documentation on the WordPress site is really, really hard to work with. Pages don’t load, it’s difficult to follow etc etc. Anyone know where there’s a really good tutorial?

  44. Jazzer says:

    Blogger! My first love…

  45. Marcus says:

    ExpressionEngine of course… if you don’t want pay for it, just take the Core version!

  46. I use Movable Type. Why? It is very easy to use. I am a functional techie illiterate, yet I have not had to make a single call to anyone for help. My wife and I are so happy with the system. If we can do it, anyone can. Suggestion for your next poll…who do you use for hosting your blog?

    Pierre Cutler

  47. luke says:

    Yah, ExpressionEngine rocks my socks.


  1. FoxyBlog says:

    Sondaggio su che motore di blogging usate

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