How to Get Traffic to Your Blog – Interview with Yvonne Divita

There’s a useful recording over at Andy’s blog if you’re wanting to build traffic on your blog. It’s an interview with Yvonne Divita from Lipsticking blog on the topic of How to Get Traffic to Your Blog. It’s pretty basic information but it’s good and it’s free. I’m listening to it now and found Yvonne’s thoughts on editorial calendars useful. I probably wouldn’t use it here at ProBlogger as strictly as she does – but it would be a useful way to start out and keep variety on a blog.

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  1. Dale Estes says:

    Yes getting traffic is the tough part.You have to have good content and realy want to help readers on the questions they ask.Having good information that works is also valuable in keeping your blog active.

  2. goldy says:

    What about the quality of your traffic ?

  3. It’s def The quality of traffic that counts, not quantity, and obviously using wordpress to blog, and a few tweaks to your templates can have a great impact aswell?!

  4. The Yvonne Divita/Andy Wibbels interview discussed two interesting concepts for me:
    editorial calendars and blog carnivals. Hope to explore both in near future.

  5. Siddhu says:


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