ProBlogger FAQ

One of the things I realized on coming back from my latest break and working through the thousands of emails is that I get asked a lot of questions. I enjoy this interaction with readers but 80% of the time find myself answering the same sorts of questions.

As a result I’ve begun to develop a ProBlogger FAQ.

At this point the questions revolved largely around the questions I was asked over the past two weeks on multiple occasions. They focus less upon general questions about blogging and more on the questions I get asked about ProBlogger and my own blogging activities. I’ll add to them as I am asked more questions over time.

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  1. Glen C, says:

    You should link to bloglines in the “How do I keep track of ProBlogger, you write so much!” question.

  2. Cool blog. Giving tips and idea in probloger.

  3. Ashraf says:

    Check out a system called Intelliresponse at It will read an e-mail and if it is asking about the same thing as many e-mails that you have answered it will bring up the anser 98% of the time. Its more like automated FAQ meets natural language. You’ll be answering 1/3 of the e-mails withing 2 months and still maintain reader loyalty and tracking plus more page views.


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