Holiday Link Dump

I’ve spent time today attempting to catch up on unread email and RSS feeds from my two weeks of holidays (it’s going to take some time). In an attempt to catch up a little, here are some of the things I missed while away from the RSS feed:

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  1. Thanks for the links Darren, I am glad you like my posts

    Funny to read “# 5 Reasons Why Starting a Digital Camera Blog Is A Stupid Idea” when I just started a digital photography blog … d’oh. I know I have the enthusiasm and am not concerned about clutter in the market as it is a labour of love. Besides, it is a multi-author blog just for DSLR owners so a bit less samey I hope.

    Welcome back!

  2. Victor says:

    Knew something was fishy when I checked my stats and saw a spike. ;) Thanks Darren.


  3. Blog Network says:

    I think your blog would be the best blog of 2006

  4. johnsamuels says:

    “I think your blog would be the best blog of 2006”

    i agree


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