Ten Tips for writing a blog post

The following post on tips for writing a blog was submitted by Lyndon from Flockblog who in his email to me with it described it as a simple ‘back to basics’ kind of post. Thanks Lyndon.

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Here are ten tips that help me with my blog writing.

  1. Make your opinion known
  2. Link like crazy
  3. Write less
  4. 250 Words is enough
  5. Make Headlines snappy
  6. Write with passion
  7. Include Bullet point lists
  8. Edit your post
  9. Make your posts easy to scan
  10. Be consistent with your style
  11. Litter the post with keywords

1. Make your opinion known
People like blogs, they like blogs because they are written by people and not corporations. People want to know what people think, crazy as it sounds they want to know what you think. Tell them exactly what you think using the least amount of words possible.

2. Link like crazy.
Support your post with links to other web pages that are contextual to your post.

3. Write Less
Give the maximum amount of information with the least amount of words. Time is finite and people are infinitely busy. Blast your knowledge into the reader at the speed of sound.

4. 250 is enough
A long post is easier to forget and harder to get into. A short post is the opposite.

5. Make Headlines snappy
Contain your whole argument in your headline. Check out National newspapers to see how they do it.

6. Include bullet point lists
We all love lists, it structures the info in an easily digestible format.

7. Make your posts easy to scan
Every few paragraphs insert a sub heading. Make sentences and headlines short and to the point.

8. Be consistent with your style
People like to know what to expect, once you have settled on a style for your audience stick to it.

9. Litter the post with Keywords.
Think about what keywords people would use to search for your post and include them in the body text and headers. make sure the keyword placement is natural and does not seem out of place.

10. Edit your post
Good writing is in the editing. Before you hit the submit button, re-read your post and cut out the stuff that you don’t need.

I hope you enjoyed my tips for writing a blog post – feel free to share your own blog writing tips below.

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  1. eBlogger says:

    These ten tips on writing blog post are really helpful for a beginner like me. I have just started a blog named ‘Live Blog’ at . I have also signed up for the Google Adsense Program. Currently I am planning to post some high quality blogs. I have been searching for some good pages about ways to increase traffic to blogs on and I ended up here.

  2. Good points. Especially keeping posts short.
    I would add using pictures where appropriate and asking a question of the readers to increase feedback..

  3. edwin says:

    Those post are a truly great i like them very much has a lot of great information.

  4. Lyndoman says:

    A picture paints a thousand words, trouble is, Google feeds on text. Even the image search for Google uses the text around the pic to index it.

    Thanks for posting it Darren, makes me feel I’ve arrived.

  5. Ray says:

    I’ve been blogging for 5 months now, on a previous blog I just sold. I have started a new one and can honestly tell you that it is easy to stray and become long-winded, and boring. As I start my new blog your 10 points are are just what the doctor ordered. I have copied and pasted them as my wallpaper on my notebook so I won’t forget them.

    Thanks for the really excellent pointers.

  6. Roy Jacobsen says:

    It’s a good list, but I think he forgot to follow #8–or is it #10?

    Anyway, many of these are good things to remember for any sort of writing, and not just blogging. Thanks for posting it.

  7. tom sherman says:

    Here’s one that has to go in the Top 10: Write a good summary. Not only is it important for SERPs and SEO, it’s good for RSS. Also, if you show summaries on your index page and link into full-text entries for your permalink, it can make your blog index page much more user-friendly.

  8. captweb says:

    Thank you for this interesting list. I printed it in order to have a look anytime. For a newbie blogger these advices are really useful.

  9. Dan Marques says:

    Great list!

    I definitely struggle to keep the posts short. Although I’m not a fan of numbered lists (connotates that some of the points are more important than others).

  10. Jeremy says:

    Good list but I had to chuckle at the missing space in tip #9 when tip #8 is “Edit your post.”

  11. Lyndoman says:

    Which just goes to prove the point. lol

  12. Jorge says:

    Nice post as ever. Just on thought. The typo (Tens) in the post title is also some kind of strategy? Just kidding… Have a nice year.

  13. Hashim says:

    As much as possible include a relevant photo or graphic. It’s worth a thousand words.

  14. Russ says:

    It all sounds good… but first I need a topic to blog about!

    I’ll definetly keep that in mind though…

  15. Big4guy says:

    For me content is King. It only matters if your readers like your content or not. There could be a million ways to convey the same. In 10 words or 100000 words.

  16. As a history student and therefore a soul eternally assigned to write, I totally agree that LESS IS MORE! Thanks for the great perspective.

  17. saurab says:

    Some great points….. I guess it’s important to put the point across in the very first paragraph… in this day and age, attention spans are getting lesser and lesser… to make an impact is very important right from the word go …. of course once you have a loyal base of readers, this point matters a bit less… but it never hurts to make your points sharply and precisely …

  18. Adarsh says:

    I have to say that these are REALLY helpful tips for newbie like me. I recently started a techical blog and signed up for Adsense.I was searching for the most effective way of content presentation.Thanks Lyndon for sharing them….

  19. Andry Salim says:

    Great tips.. Thanks a lot.

  20. Joe says:

    I like the tips, but the first list is eleven tips, not ten. Second, both lists, summarized & elaborated, don’t exactly match up.

  21. Phil Ayres says:

    Great info for new bloggers like me!

    250 words or less is the best thing you could have said – I’m already guilty of breaking that rule. But at least I have a focus for my blog(technology for financial services). Hey its a learning process!

    Thanks for the insights. I’ll be coming back for more soon.

  22. XF2 says:

    Yes… is really a great info for blogger (newbies) like me :Þ Thanks for sharing info.

  23. syn says:

    the 10 commandments of the blog world:)

  24. This is really good advice, so much so that I copied it into Word and printed it to stick on my wall. I like the way that the article embodies the principles that it espouses.

    Did you notice that your numbered list has 11 not 10 tips in it?

  25. Garry says:

    Excellent article, I enjoy every article I read here. Can I add something? You mentioned that it is a great idea to provide links. Lots of them… I have an article that talks about how to find good links to back link too. I think with how blogs are formatted, publisher’s archived articles get lost in cyberspace, yet then tend to get a higher PR as time goes by. I think finding relevant archived articles on other blog sites and providing a reference link back to these pages within your article is an excellent thing to do. Not only does it help your site’s PR but also provides such an awesome way to spread great content out to your viewer base. It’s all about sharing cool things and great information… that’s what links are all about and it is a shame that so many have abused that.

    I really enjoy finding new sites that I can not only “Trust” but also find very useful, informative and entertaining.


  26. It’s interesting, I wrote this article ages ago and it still sends me traffic. For some reason I am getting a lot lately.

  27. meinhard says:

    helpful tips, not only for blog, but also for articles, webpages & eBooks.

  28. fantasyfan says:

    Why do we need to link like crazy? Also, how do you get a blog listed by google?

    ~fantasyfan Novel Writing

  29. EssayGuy says:

    You left out “The More Controversial The Better”…

    Nothing gets your audience more engaged then a controversial post.

  30. Nice tips for writing blogs, i hav started my blog, u can check it here at

  31. cutiger95 says:

    Blogging like any other type of printed media is only as good as the reader-blogger interaction.

    I can write four words that will set off someone on a post. Or I can write a thousand words and only the first four will get read.

    Controversy is probably the best thing available to any writer. Controversy breeds discussion, apathy breeds nothingness as far as the relativity of the subject.

  32. Joyce says:

    These are excellent tips for blog writing. Thanks for sharing this!


  33. sajjad paracha says:

    I was actually looking for good bloging tips on google , came accross your post .All pints are really helping and valid.I think Depending on the nature of blogh entry one can also add some other points to your 10 pints.In my case i am starting to write blog entries for our comapanie’s official wesite
    Since we are starting to discuess some high end topics related to software development for start we are planing to write about design patterns so we have decided to have

    1) Code snipets in our blog,to help others to understand our point.
    2) Diagrames (UML) for the prrof of concept.
    3) external refrences.
    I know it will amke our blog entries reletivlely big but that once again is the demand of those topics.

  34. This is great information for writers. Thanks.

  35. You articles are great! these tips can help to improve the writing skills.

  36. The Caveman says:

    I just got back into blogging after a year off. I never was that good to begin with. Good tips to keep in mind.

    Now, time to drink a few beers and slip into a coma.

  37. Jacob Sikais says:

    Being a first time blogger… I found your blog through a quick Google search and have referenced to it in my first ever blog post… I like the fact it is simple… to the point… frank… and useful for a ‘noob’ as such to start blogging… even though I am a late starter in that regard… peace!

  38. Koozies says:

    This will come in handy

    I am just starting up a blog

  39. Suzanne says:

    This was very helpful. Thanks.

    Suzanne Lieurance

  40. Toyota says:

    Greetings, Jacob Sikais!I think, your comment to this clause very opportunely. And where a source?
    Thanks, now all became clear!

  41. Athlyn Green says:

    These are very good reminders for newer and for more experienced bloggers. Your points about keyword optimization are a good reminder to us all.

    Anyone can create a blog but it takes a measure of skill to craft good quality offerings that will motivate readers to return.

  42. Helpful and interesting posts. Just one think though, the link like crazy is good for relevant items, but thoughtless linking can be annoying to readers and can lower your pagerank (or so I’ve heard)

    If you get time, check out my blog

    and keep bloggin!

  43. I notice that this post was written almost 2 years ago, but its’ relevance remains.

    I too have printed out a copy for my workplace as a helpful reminder to myself.

    A most sincere thank you to Lyndon :)

  44. Serj says:

    nice post! i’ll try tips

  45. Squeaky says:

    Nice information that is very helpful for a new blogger like me. Looks like your never to old to learn new tricks…

  46. Agrawat says:

    Sounds interesting i will keep in mind these point’s for my new posts.

  47. John says:

    Excellent advice for all newbies to blogging on how to write posts that are interesting and at the same time offers god information for the readers.

  48. Jak says:

    Great idea of blogging. I will try to follow your step.

  49. milton d says:

    Great tips! I had posted a blog about 2 years ago that pretty much violated all ten of your tips. The posts were like novels and no one returned :(

    My new blog is a lot different and I hope to have more than 3 people visit :)

  50. Nilesh says:

    How to add anchor links in the post. I am using wordpress and it doesn’t seem to be supporting html codes.


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