Duncan goes Pro

My fellow Aussie and b5media director Duncan Riley from the Blog Herald has just announced that he’s become a Problogger. While I think this was always his goal it’s come a little sooner than he expected by the seems of things having being told this week that he’s being ‘restructured’ out of his full time job.

Duncan’s seeing this as an opportunity rather than a threat and is throwing himself into blogging with everything he’s got in 2006. All the best with it Duncan!

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  1. Good luck to Duncan! Good attitude, too. Sometimes it takes that external kick to move your plans ahead. Which is probably why I’m floundering – full-time jobs and part-time businesses don’t mix well!

  2. Tammy Powley says:

    Sometimes being forced into a new direction can become a good thing. Best of luck to Duncan!

  3. Good luck, Duncan!

  4. Kevin says:

    Good luck in the new year.

  5. Gobyfish says:

    Bummer circumstances, but best of luck! Now if I only had the guts to do it voluntarily…

  6. jayvee says:

    lots of luck duncan!

    you’ve got a good thing ahead for you :-)


  1. […] But seriously, nice one Duncan! This is a huge step for him when he decided to go full time pro. […]