Projecting Personality into Your Business (or Blog)

I love Yaro Stark – he’s an individual and he’s always got something worthwhile to say. Today he looks at projecting your indivduality into your business – a lesson he’s learned from blogging.

‘Remember you have one competitive advantage that can not be replicated – You. No one can ever duplicate your personality, the way you do business and your attitude towards other people. Projecting your personality is a powerful competitive advantage, branding message and business tool that you should be using every day. Don’t hide it behind a corporate facade, express it in everything you do.’

Read the full post at Small Business Branding – It’s Not “We”, It’s “Me”

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  1. Yaro says:

    I love you too Darren :-)

  2. Claudine says:

    His comments are true. Too often, I see blogs trying to mimic each other’s style. It’s difficult to be yourself on the web. It’s so public. In my own blog, I received comments from people thanking me for putting myself out there. It’s me. It’s my voice. It’s my knowledge I am sharing my experience. I am me. Be yourself. .


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