Performancing Firefox Extension Launches

Congratulations to Nick and Jed over at Performancing for completing their Firefox extension which enables you to blog directly from within Firefox in a split screen way.

While I’m an addicted ecto for Mac Fan I can see how this extension will be very handy for many bloggers (especially non Mac users) as it enables an integrated system that means you never have to leave your browser and the pages you’re surfing.

I’ll be sticking to ecto for the time being but in testing the extension (I’m writing this post on it right now as the following screen cap will show – click to enlarge) I’m certain it’ll be a winner for many. Get the extension here.

Congratulations Performancing.


update: I’m not quite sure what went wrong with this post but the image didn’t get uploaded (I’ve now added to manually). The rest seems to have come across nicely although with a bit different formatting to how I’m used to with ecto. All in all – it’s a tool with promise that is sure to improve as it comes out of beta.

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  1. brem says:



  2. Jacob says:

    I posted more screenshots than Darren, in case you all are interested and haven’t just downloaded the thing already.

    Digg It!

  3. Christina says:

    It is good…very good. I gave it a run for its money this morning, and only had one small issue with my b5 blog (which is on WP 2.0), but nothing major at all, and I’m sure it will be fixed quickly with 2.0 getting ready for its official release. I can say that even with the error, it is much better than trying to blog through 2.0 itself.

  4. It’s interesting, and it works, but not as well as having WordPress’s management screen open in a tab. It lacks a bunch of features – critically, there’s no “save as draft” or option to date a post in the future, so it’s useless to me.


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    Performancing for Firefox Released

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    Performancing, la extensión de firefox para bloggers

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